Research Paper Sample on Man's Ability to Overcome in the Example of Golfers

Published: 2022-06-16
Research Paper Sample on Man's Ability to Overcome in the Example of Golfers
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The human condition refers to the features that make up the existence of a human being from birth to their death. The elements could be characterized by emotions, conflicts, aspirations, challenges among other daily encounters in people's lives. The human condition is attached to time, and it determines how a person lives throughout their entire time of existence on earth. Scholars argue that what a person does between their birth and death is what leaves a legacy for generations. Their traits define human beings but what is more pronounced are their emotions as this is what creates the human condition. The feelings that human beings depict create in them, both internal and external conflicts. Throughout the life of a human being, challenges emerge as a result of the battles they face. It is in this regard that scholars have looked into the topic "how can a man overcome." It implies that there must be a way through which man can overcome challenges in life. The paper will look at different scenarios of golfers and how they overcome challenges in their lives the golfers that will be explored include Ben Hogan and Phil Mickelson.

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William Ben Hogan is a world-renowned player who was born in the Texas United States of American and died in 1997 at the age of 84. He is celebrated as one of the only five golfers who managed to win all the four major championships. Despite his stardom, big title and fame because of golf he encountered a lot of challenges in his life since he was a young child until and even in the course of his career. Firstly, the golfer went through a traumatizing childhood where he lost his father who committed suicide by shooting himself right before the golfer. He was left with his mother who struggled to raise him and his brother, and at one point they dropped out of school. The act of his father committing suicide in front Hogan made him live a traumatized life and one of the reasons why he was an introvert. Besides, they went through financial hardships, and he never had a smooth path in his studies. Despite his success of winning 63 tournaments, his career was threatened by a grisly road accident that left him with fractures and blood clots in his circulation system. The doctors declared that he would not walk again or even play golf competitively. Despite this conditions, Hogan overcame them and became a hero of his time and a celebrated golfer to date. He overcame his childhood lack through selling newspapers to earn a living. He got his way to golfing through a friend when he was only eleven years. Similarly, after the road accident, he nursed injuries and never gave up on golf. He did the extensive walking while continuing with treatment and this made him recover fully. He had the highest ability to overcome the human challenges.

On the other hand, Phil Mickelson is a professional player who was born in 1970 in the California United States of America. Phil is celebrated as a champion who won 43 events, and he is one of the 16 players who has won at least three of the major championships in the world. Though he had a good child from loving parents, his journey to becoming successful and celebrated golf has been tough. In 2006 he collapsed on a final hole on the U.S wide winged foot, and this made him lose the game to Ogilvy he cursed himself for being an idiot. One of his challenges is that he has a problem controlling his thoughts so that he does not have to wander around this makes him loses focus and concentration despite him being a good golfer. He fails to be consistent in his games an issue that almost brought his career to a slump. Besides, he went through two surgeries because of a hernia and although he was out of the arena for some time he recovered and went back to golf. He made a hasty decision of withdrawing from a tournament to attend his daughter's graduation, and he lost the match. He is a poor timer, and this has cost him significant winnings in history despite him being a good golfer. Despite his challenges he has overcome them and emerged among the best players in golf history. He can overcome his conditions by working hard and not giving up despite the circumstances that surround his downfall.

Me: Hello, how are you today

Golfer: Hello I am fine thank you. How about you?

Me: I am fine too. Tell me how do you prepare mentally and psychologically for around?

Golfer: The best way to prepare is to engage in a pre-shot routine as this helps to keep fear away and calms the mind. Similarly, is to train my mind to focus on hitting directly at the dimple on the ball this helps not to miss the shot. Additionally, I avoid talking about the game I am about to play just before the match begins as this will enable me to prevent tension and have a relaxed mood before going to play.

Me: How do you stay mentally focused during rounds?

Golfer: I stay mentally by beginning every hole as though it is the first one. It helps in forgetting any negative result and focus on a new attempt. Similarly, I block my mind from any form of distraction until the rounds are over.

Me: how important is the mental aspect of your game?

Golfer: it is essential because it determines how I will perform in my next round I, therefore, have to guard it well and ensure that it is in the right state.

Me: What throws you off during a round?

Golfer: What throws me off during a round is a poor performance at the beginning because times it de-motivates me a lot and eventually affects my routine.

In conclusion, it is important to note that human condition determines how a person lives and relates to others. When the negative face challenges, conflicts and emotional turmoil they are likely to have problems. But it is essential to know how to overcome the obstacles to living a healthy life. As golfers face different conditions, they need to have a way of defeating them to stay focused.

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