Essay Sample: Changes in the Way You Deal with People

Published: 2019-05-29
Essay Sample: Changes in the Way You Deal with People
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We all meet different people in our day to day activities. Even though we are all from different walks of life, it is very easy to identify ones character and the kind of person that one is in the way they deal with and handle other people(Aaron .J,2015). Some people come across as harsh, others as arrogant while others appear to be kind and generous. It is a known fact that the way we relate to other people tells a lot about our emotions, our character and in general, the kind of people that we are. I recently decided to change the way I dealt with other people after I realized that my relationship with other people determined a lot of other facts and their responsive behavior to me too.

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Not surprisingly, my way of dealing with other people was largely determined by my environment. More often than not I would respond in the same way my family or friends would react in the same situation. It was important, however, to understand that my behavior towards other people had a greater effect than what I actually thought it did. If I made someone happy, then the joy was experienced by not only me but all other people around the happy person. I realized if I wanted to have a successful career, and a happy life, I needed to know how to ensure that my relationship with others reflected this.

I have learned to appreciate the actions of the people around me which has greatly assisted me in one way or another. When one feels uplifted, they are able to work better and be happier. More often than not, we come across grumpy attendants be it at the store, on a public bus, in a bank or even at a restaurant. These people appear sullen and barely offer a smile to the person they are attending to. Their responses are purely grunts and they constantly have an annoyed look on their faces. They might even end up making another person dull by simply being around them. I tried a technique of smiling at such people and talking in a friendly way towards them. As the conversation continued, they became livelier. Their service was to a large part determined by how other people dealt with them since it is human nature to respond to situations just as we have been approached.

Every once in a while we come across arrogant, rude and unkind people around. Their relation with other people is entirely negative and has got nothing good in it. They tend to annoy or hurt other people. Such people need to find a way of relating to others. People avoid them and rarely associate with them. A negative social behavior pushes people away and one ends up feeling lonely and dejected.

In conclusion we should, therefore, learn how to deal with different people in different situations. It is important to ensure that we are able to treat people well and we deal with people well in order to ensure that our social lives are balanced.


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