Essay Example on the Key Losses for ISIS in Battle for Mosul and Syria

Published: 2018-07-27
Essay Example on the Key Losses for ISIS in Battle for Mosul and Syria
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Mosul and Isis Battle Introduction

The battle of Mosul has brought nothing but losses to ISIS given the major defeats they have had in both Syria and Iraq. In the struggle to eliminate this group of terrorists, the group has lost two major strongholds to advancing Iraqi forces and the Syrian rebels backed by the Turkish government seizing the town of al-Bab. According to the Syrian rebels, the city of Al -Bab is almost entirely under their control. This town is a huge loss for ISIS as according to the Syrian rebel's spokesperson it was a city in which they planned terrorist attacks in various parts of Europe. Losing this town means they no longer have a base to do their strategic planning of terrorist attacks.

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Furthermore, the capture of the city of Al-Bab and the airport has given the Iraqi forces a chance to regroup and advance to Mosul with little trouble in a bid to oust ISIS from this stronghold of theirs. Seizure of the airport is a major blow to ISIS as this gives the Iraqi forces and their U.S.A backers from us control of two large airfields near Mosul and a chance to launch attacks with minimal threat. Isis, therefore, have few opportunities to retaliate from any airstrip but rather wait for attacks to come onto them. The terrain of western Mosul also is harsh and as such the ISIS will struggle to use their armored vehicles to defend this falling city. Mosul populations also have been reduced mainly to be those of young ones under the age of 18, and thus they have fewer fighters to defend them. These losses have only one meaning that the battle for Mosul is likely to end soon and the fall of ISIS is imminent.

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