Paper Example. Social Disorganization Theory and Assault

Published: 2023-10-31
Paper Example. Social Disorganization Theory and Assault
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Despite the government of the United States of America taking precautionary measures to combat violent crime, the vice continues to rise. Unceasing efforts from social organizations and law enforcement agencies trying to address the crime have yielded positives, but it seems that its eradication is impossible. Many factors instigate people to commit a crime: Social sciences contend that crime is associated with deviation from social norms. Social disorganization theory was conceptualized to relate behavior inclinations to both social-ecological and social-economic factors (Bellair, 2017). The theory sprouted from social structure theories that aver that environs with undesirable social structures are proving to experience high delinquencies. Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay came up with the social disorganization theory, which states that delinquencies are committed when structures of social norm control are disrupted (Bellair, 2017). Founders of the theory stated that ethnic heterogeneity, residential mobility, and poverty deprive social norms. The two sociologists carried out the study in Chicago and its suburbs to determine the underlying factors that contribute to the high crime rate in the region. The paper seeks to investigate assaults in the United States and its connection to social disorganization theory.

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Assault in the United States

Despite the dynamic ethnic and racial composition in the United States of America, assault cases are very rampant. Even though the USA is a first-world economy, it lacks requisite social norm control (Goodson & Bouffard, 2020). As a result, it is inept at providing essential services. Nearly all factions of the country continue to face massive cases of assault: Threats of attack and physical attacks characterize the vice. Notably, aggravated assaults are prevalent, and in most cases, offenders carry with them weapons such as guns, knives, hammers, amongst other objects. During assaults, batteries are also involved; often, the attacks and violence cause physical harm. The assaulted person might suffer from minor or major injuries such as bruises, lumps, lost teeth, broken bones, broken bones, loss of consciousness and internal injuries: Victims of assault end up being hospitalized.

Other than physical harm, victims are psychologically tormented. Health difficulties, poor quality life and financial challenges may arise. Their self-esteem decreased due to the ‘fear effect’. United States statutes have not fully distinguished simple and aggravated crimes; however, the crime is enclosed within physical violence. It is said that some attackers assault with an intent to rape or commit thievery. Statista (2020) reported cases of aggravated assault that accounted for 249.8 after a study was carried out per 100,000 inhabitants. Assault injuries caused approximately 10% of mortalities. Even though assault is considered a violation of human rights, it is a social issue. The causes of physical assault are very many. Consistent with social disorganization theory, risky places, gender, race, motivated offenders, age, social-economic status, poverty, population density, sexual victimization, and neighborhood influence crime. Other social disorganization reasons such as mental illnesses and social upheaval impose Americans to assault others.

Economic deprivation and poverty in the United States are far from over; this is because the less fortunate are instigated to assault others. Assaulters assert that hunger drives them to physically hurt those who are financially stable (Przeszlowski& Crichlow, 2018). Research shows that deplorable conditions and unemployment frustrate Americans to commit assaults. The poor revolt against wealthy Americans because they continue to get rich while they languish in poverty. Graduates get irritated when they fail to secure employment, yet they invested time and money in education. Although the United States is considered the land of opportunities, certain groups feel segregated. Unfortunately, when they are not hired, they result in assaulting others to express their struggles. The youth are the most affected groups that assault baby boomers.

Minority groups especially, African Americans, Asians and Latinos face inequality in America: They are deprived of their basic rights. As a result, they transition to rebels fighting the regime and the whites who are favoured the most. Fight over wealth, property, and land instigates Americans to assault others so that their voices could be heard (Bellair, 2017). During electioneering periods, supporters from all divide clash expressing their woes. Politics plays a significant role, especially when the incumbent fails to fulfil the promises. Politician gives their supporters weapons and objects to hit or harm competitors: The hiring of mobs to break into premises is prevalent in the United States. The police play a significant role in aggravating assaults; however, they use excessive force that harms the public for rebelling against the regime (Bierie, 2017). Both hired mob and the police are considered as motivated offenders.

Unfair judicial hearings in the United States affect community solidarity, cohesion and integration. American courts are accused of biasness instead of making rulings based on evidence. In some instances, the innocent are proven guilty. As a result, they become hostile to portray their hostile side (Przeszlowski& Crichlow, 2018). The jailed revenge by attacking the winning party. There is a narrative that Black Americans are wrongdoers. Consequently, people of colour get the impression that they are outcasts. Due to the divisive narrative, Black American attacks the natives and other races to express their anger.

The conception of social disorganization theory bases its claim in social problems. Perceptively, peer pressure/neighborhood influence, drug use and sexual victimization are social problems (Przeszlowski& Crichlow, 2018). The youth commit assaults because they witness their peers committing the same crime. Peer pressure and neighborhood influence drive people to use drugs and assault, respectively. . Some Americans abuse marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opium, and other hard drugs that lure them to assault unknowingly. Drug abuse is associated with bad habits and uncertain lifestyles. Population and neighborhood drive Americans to commit assault. Densely populated areas such as California, Chicago, New York and cities recorded high rates of assaults. Residents scramble for the available resources such as employment, food, housing, property, energy and water. Residential turnover leads to assault since the community ties are weak and diminished social control (Goodson & Bouffard, 2020). Sexual victimization is very high, especially in marriage and workplaces (Konkel et al., 2019). Women are assaulted the most because men are the dominant group. Masculine students in school bully children. Assault on women and children is linked to weak social strength.

Along with social disorganization theory, immigrants from different nations, especially Mexico flock the United States. Ecological factors instigate immigrant to influence neighbors or get influenced to commit assault. American natives and Asians suffer the most because they are the declining communities (Konkel et al., 2019). When immigrants settle in residential areas, communities are born. As people interact, the high the chances that they will conflict due to different beliefs. A shift from a socially organized community to a disorganized community is seen. For instance, Religion and sectarian issues in the United States contribute to assaults. Religion radicals attack people of different beliefs. The battle between Christianity and Islam has yielded much physical harm and deviance in America. It is a clear sign that the community has lost formal social control. One would relate social disorganization theory to assault because society fails to preserve and apply social norms.

Family conditions prompt to assault non-family members; divisive thoughts of harming crop when the provider has to satisfy family needs. American society has groomed men to take the responsibility of taking care of the household. The burden of providence drives men to commit a crime: Men end up battering their wives and children when the pressure becomes unbearable (Przeszlowski& Crichlow2018). The modern society values money more than family or friends. People get out of their way; demarcate to satisfy liabilities (Konkel et al., 2019). America, a capitalist nation, imparts a curriculum that focuses on making money. Perceptibly, crimes such as assault are committed. Some Americans strangely compare themselves to others, thus catalyzing rage. When they declare the difference involved based on financial, assault arise because social control is weak,

Program to Control Assault

One way of combating assault in the United States is by replacing cultural and social norms that contribute to assault (Mackie, 2018). Society has to accept deceptive perceptions and outlooks: One has to believe that defiance behavior is overrated, while moral behavior is underrated. The objective of this approach is to correct false impressions by instilling a lifelike sense of positive behavioral norms. A social norm strategy would change the violent attitude to decent behavior; the rate of bullying and battery would reduce.

Mass media interventions help minimize violence; this is because communication is vital to foster behavior change. Messages focused on reform, cohesion, integration and behavior change should be conveyed through, social networking sites, newspapers, radio, television, posters, and magazines, amongst other channels (McHale, 2019). Mass communication builds awareness since Information about the effects of assault is conveyed for people to grasp methods of resending undesirable behaviour. Discussions about social stigma caused by assault and its effects on cultural and social norms should be carried out. The mass media campaigns should make a positive appeal to the community. The approach should drive better parenting, which instills cohesion and love. Using mass media to provide entertainment would prove resourceful. Some songs and soap opera are educative. They denounce violence and advocate for behavior change. As a result, both cultural and social norms are improved. Some soap operas and movie address attitudes and moral reform. Mass media messages can be used to impart the effect of drugs use. Mass media messages reach a broad audience. Instead of centering on past research, interviewing both assaulters and victims is important to determine their beliefs, attitudes and challenges in the community.

Ultimately, the community interventions help to combat violence and proposing the use of social principles was essential in mobilizing groups at the grassroots. Notably, the community includes people such as the clergy, clerics, elders, sociologist, police, social groups, psychiatrists and politicians. The individuals are used to drive the intervention into the social lives of the American citizens: They pass a precise message of behavioral change to oppressors as well as offering emotional support and counseling to assault victims. While advocating for social interaction, the community quickens change of social, and cultural norms. Lastly, motivation is essential when advocating for behavioral change; thus, the community is obliged to discourse massage of punishment for non- compliant behavior.


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