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61 Kurdistan Autonomous Region: From Repression to Autonomy - Essay Sample 62 Unification of Italy & Germany: 19th Century Nationalism & War - Essay Sample 63 15th-17th Century European Colonization of America: Economy, Religion, and Glory - Essay Sample
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64 Political Movements: Types, Goals & Ideology - Paper Example 65 Anti Federalists vs Federalists: A Continuing Clash - Essay Sample 66 Debate on National Gov't Powers: Who Has the Upper Hand? - Essay Sample 67 Essay Sample on Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards: Comparing Perspectives and Beliefs 68 Essay Sample on Indigenous Resurgence: Dismissing the State & Examining Historical Trauma 69 Essay on Compulsory Voting in the US: Arguments For and Against 70 Political Temperature in China: Impact on Tesla Expansion - Essay Sample 71 Puerto Rican Politics in America: A Complex Racial Identity and Marginalization - Essay Sample 72 Essay Example: Texas Government: State and Local Politics 73 Paper Example. Political Science Question and Answer from Book 74 Essay Sample on Colonial Conflict: Georgia Sank the Plan to Resolve Native Land Disputes 75 Paper Example: Policy as Texts 76 Essay Sample on Linguistics Anthropology 77 The Social Contract: A Political Science Theory From Thomas Hobbes - Essay Sample 78 Partisan Politics: History, Ideologies, and Governance in the US - Essay Sample 79 Essay Sample on New Conservatism: Republican Shift from 1960s-1980s 80 Essay Sample on Colonialism in Africa: Effects on Ideology, Culture, Religion and Lifestyle

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