Free Essay Sample. The Special Theory of Relativity

Published: 2023-02-15
Free Essay Sample. The Special Theory of Relativity
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The text explains how to relate mathematical models of space with the 'real' space as it is perceived. The mathematical model in question is derived from Euclid's ancient work on geometry. Einstein states that there is only one perception, which is the definite truth. The fact that humans may feel axioms as true lets them suppose them as being true. From a correlational point of view, anything observed cannot be proven beyond its existing truth. The observed clings statically to the primary facts of perception. Therefore, there is a relative relationship between the object and the subject of observation. Additionally, true postulates can be used to find other results. For as long as the propositions employed are meant to refer to reality, they cannot be deemed certain, and while they are not certain, they cannot refer to reality. Therefore, for one to prove a theory, one should show that it is a subset of another proved theory or a part of another axiom.

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The Special Theory of Relativity can be shown by an example that considers a straight line and multiple points. It is plausible that a single line can pass through two or more points in space. Proving this truth may involve propositions that satisfy the statement. However, consider plotting a line to pass through multiple points that are not aligned. The statement that a straight line should pass through two or more points becomes invalid. Einstein's physical geometry, as well as the geometry of space and the uniformity of time, is all non-conventional. However, some factors affect the view of space-time. Human beings have some postulates that they are prone to believe are true. However, when one goes wrong, a total reconsideration is required. When the right path is taken by different people who have agreed on common fundamental propositions (axioms), they should arrive at the same logical conclusions.

The mathematics presented in the text has special esteem because of the indisputable and certain nature of propositions. I think changes in facts can not overthrow geometry yet other fields such as sciences are in constant danger of being dynamic. The propositions in mathematics are associated with the objects from individual imagination yet those from other sectors such as science deal with the objects of reality. Therefore, in no way can scientists envy the mathematician. Geometry also acts as a core foundation for other fields by providing a measure of certainty. For me, math can be perceived as being independent of experience yet useful to the objects of reality

I read Einstein's text as a whole at first before making a summary. I took rough notes of the key points from the text that could be useful in making a summary. I was primarily interested in the relationship between truth, the involved propositions, and the perception used to arrive at a certain answer. The text was short, and this was an advantage to taking note of the strongest points. I then went back to the text to expound them in a draft before making my final summary. The process of creating a summary worked as expected. However, I could not find examples out of geometry to relate to Einstein's ideas of relativity. To improve on my reading skills, I will be reevaluating whatever I am reading next time to check on my attention to the text.

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