Cognitive Revolution: Unifying Concepts & Physical World Through Information Processing - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-15
Cognitive Revolution: Unifying Concepts & Physical World Through Information Processing - Essay Sample
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According to Alleydog, cognitive revolution underscored the 1950s and 1960s period whereby cognitive psychology replaced psychoanalysis and behaviorism through the focus on observable behaviors, coupled with brain activity and structure. Cognitive movement is essential in unifying the world of concepts and the physical worldwide a theory of explaining the mental world through computation, feedback, and information. As per Encyclopedia Britannica, information processing underlies the acquisition, recording, organizing retrieving, dissemination, and displaying information. Behaviorist and cognitivist learning perspectives differ in that cognitive learning processes focus on the internal mental process based on how the minds of humans work. At the same time, they learn through the processing of information by the brain.

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According to Pediaa (2020), behaviorism, on the other hand, juxtaposes external behaviors that can be observed, meaning that learning occurs only when the results are seen. The acquisition of new behaviors is based on the conditions of the environment. Cognitive learning theory seems more accurate since it is the human brain responsible for information processing that subsequently helps them in actively constructing knowledge. That is opposed to behavioral theory, which does not explain all forms of learning as it is on observable behavioral changes and ignores mind and social dimension activities. My schemata have changed throughout my life through my mental processing of things, especially learning. I can acquire information, process it, and store it in my brain using the cognitive theory of learning.

Boyd Lala's suggestions about learning support what I believe to be true about learning. She articulates that hard work and practice in learning enhance the brain's structural changes that help throughout our entire lives, a sentiment (Boyd, 2015). I believe that to be true since there is no magic way of learning besides working hard and practicing. Additionally, the chemical, structural and functional changes that occur in our brains during learning may affect a person suffering from brain damage by reorganizing the brain of an adult who helps to support recovery after the brain is damaged through neuroplasticity the interactions of the three processes. Finally, our behaviors change our brains; hence Boyd’s initial suggestion to increase our success in learning would be to practice, exercise, and increased struggle that enhances greater structural change in the brain.


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