Evaluation: Bubble theory of the Universe - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-07
Evaluation: Bubble theory of the Universe - Free Essay Sample
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In the quest to explain the origin of the universe, scientists have come up with different theories to explain the universe's phenomena. Additional discoveries and shreds of evidence have continually pointed scientists in different directions, hence explaining the various theories that try to explain the birth process that resulted in the universe as we know it. Among the theories developed, there is the bubble theory of the universe. This theory posits that the universe was formed as a result of the bubbles from a long-dead star, which was between 40 and 50 times the sun's size, which resulted in the formation of the universe (Della Volpe, 2012). Therefore, the theory argues that the universe was formed billions of years ago in a supernova vicinity. Scientists developed the theory from the University of Chicago.

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The big bubble theory comes from the way that cosmic inflation is designed. The nature of cosmic inflation views the universe as having been a result of the exponential expansion of a speck that occurred after the Big Bang. Therefore, the multiverse theory is also supported. Some of the time-space aspects underwent quicker expansion compared to the others, resulting in bubbles that supported the space-time spatiality. Each of the resulting bubbles contained energy, otherwise known as dark energy or the Higgs field (Della Volpe, 2012). The energy contained in the bubbles resulted in the collision of the bubbles, with a further possibility of a secondary being produced existing. Each bubble created was a universe on its own. The amount of energy contained within each bubble explains the universes' different capabilities to support life and other unique features of each universe, depending on the energy levels.

However, critics of the theory have raised concerns over the theory, citing several concerns that challenge the reliability of the notion that the universe has originated from the existence of bubbles. First, the critics of the Big Bang theory dispute the bubble theory of the universe on account of their not agreeing with the Big Bang theory, which is claimed to be the cause of the bubble theory of the universe in the first place (Ratra & Vogeley, 2008). Therefore, they argue that the lack of a big bang to set off the bubbles in the first place minimizes the possibility of the bubbles purporting to have formed the universe in the first place. Additionally, the existence of only one proven universe, with the others only existing in theory, disputes the universe's bubble theory, since the other bubbles that are claimed to have come off the dead star are not there to be seen, hence disputing the theory in itself.

In my opinion, I do not support the bubble theory of the universe for different reasons. First, I am a creationist who believes in creating the universe and all that is in it by a supreme, all-powerful being. The evidence to support creation is there, especially due to the existence of the creation process being seen in the reproduction processes that living beings experience in the course of life. Additionally, I believe that had there been other universes in existence. There would have been evidence to support them, such as the universe's sightings using the different technologies available. Therefore, due to the only evidence of other universes and the bubbling processes only existing in theory, I do not support the theory.


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