United States Energy Vision - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-26
United States Energy Vision - Essay Sample
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Fossil fuel comprises 80 percent of primary energy demand globally, and as a result, it contributes to two-thirds of global gas emissions. As a result, various states have been in a mission of energy transition state hence will not use 100 percent renewable resources. Energy sustainability is the primary vision for the United States for the year 2040 (Tonn, Frymier, Graves & Meyers, 2010). It is possible for the State to adequately meet the energy needs without fossil fuels as it is one of the significant policy issues facing the United States today. The current fossil fuel use rates tend to be unsustainable, leading to global warming; therefore, the State has a great vision of ensuring energy sustainability in the future. Sustainability energy initiatives should meet the needs of a larger human population and sustain the lives of people on the planet.

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United States Energy Future

Only one fossil fuel will have a more significant energy share as the energy use will grow to one third by 2040. Only natural gas will have a more substantial share as it burns cleaner than coal, and the service will be up to 50 percent. The expansion of use will depend on the extent of existing competition from renewable energy. Also, leaks of potent greenhouse gas methane could undercut the environmental benefits of natural gas. Higher oil prices and slow coal growth will be expected due to the need for clean energy in the future as they will be competitive since the costs for solar and wind will drop drastically. Renewable energy will provide 41 percent of the power used by 2040. Indeed we are in energy transition since energy policy is under pressure to transform in a low carbon production direction hence reconsider dependence of fossil fuels to boost renewable energy development (Shaffer et al., 2018).

Policies and Financial Mechanisms

Energy policies are regulations that have been implemented concerning energy use. For instance, the implementation of energy efficiency strategies and the use of clean energy. It is facilitated through an investment that aims to provide renewable energy sources, and therefore the available technology can efficiently distribute the power (Hlopov, 2019).


The use of clean energy sources has been an issue of debate in the United States and therefore adopted various policies and strategies to adopt renewable energy sources. Indeed the United States has a wide variety of landscapes and climate, and its primary vision is to ensure sustainable energy in the future that must be clean. Perfect development could be made by 2040 through adequate funding and social education of the idea of nuclear energy use.


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