Paper Sample on Energy Footprint

Published: 2023-12-12
Paper Sample on Energy Footprint
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The discussion about climate change has taken root across the world today. There are human and natural causes of greenhouse emissions. There is a rallying call for people to reduce their carbon emissions through controlled energy consumption in their homes and workplaces. Substitution some energy sources with green energy is a recommended approach that could reduce carbon footprints. Creating a better and safer environment is a collective effort that must be undertaken by every individual, for the present and in preservation for future generations.

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Greenhouse Gas Calculations

The total is relatively lower than the American average of 16.4 metric tons of CO2 emissions. It accounts for about 17% less of the American average, meaning that I am better off compared to the United States situation. However, it is more than twice the average global emission, which is at 4.9 metric tons a year. The total of 10 tons of CO2 is obtained from different human activities. They include transport, home, food, and shopping. Most of the parameters fall below the national average, with shopping having a significant 50% better score than the American mean. Travel at 2 tons a year, and home footprint at 3 tons a year break even with the national average.

Project Sunroof

From Project Sunroof, it estimates that there are 1,869 hours of usable sunlight every year. Further, there are 1,145 square feet available for solar panels. By using solar energy, it would save the apartment complex about $9000 for the entire lifespan of the panels, which is set at 20 years. Therefore, the annual savings would be about $450, and monthly savings would clock $37.5 from the project. Therefore, there are long term benefits of Project Sunroof, both for the environment and in financial terms. The green energy alternative provided by the sun is largely affordable and available. Apart from the winter seasons, one can enjoy the cheap and available solar energy and reduce carbon emissions in the process.


The viability of solar energy in any home must be informed by different factors. Other than the high initial cost of solar installation, running home operations on solar-powered energy is relatively cheap sustainable. Solar panels have a lifespan above twenty years, from where they begin to show signs of decline. Therefore, it is vital to take advantage of the 1869 solar hours estimated for the home and save on the energy from electricity produced through non-renewable sources like coal and nuclear. Therefore, in the case of my apartment complex, I believe that the use of solar is a viable option that could be utilized. It brings the benefits of cheap energy in the long term, through financial savings, and a better environment through reduced carbon emissions.


The efforts of individuals put together shall help create a huge effect on the environment. Saving the planet from the impact of greenhouse emissions is a collective duty that everyone needs to play their part. If I could reduce 2 metric tons from my annual emissions, it could be insignificant from an individual. However, if the effort was replicated by ten million people, that would be phenomenal. The same rallying call should be followed in inviting people to use solar energy for the long term.

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