Essay Sample on Case: 19-2019

Published: 2023-01-13
Essay Sample on Case: 19-2019
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On February 14, 2019, I visited a court proceeding at King County Superior Court. The location of the proceeding is a place where I frequently pass through, so it was easy for me to get there. However, there was a challenge of getting parking space since many people had attended the court proceeding. I also experienced a challenge of getting to the court where the case was taking place because there are several courtrooms in King County Superior Court.

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The presiding judge for the case is a well-known and respected professional. He has worked as an attorney for seven years and has a judge for ten years. The attorney for the plaintiff is also a professional who has been practicing law for eight years. The respondent had also hired a lawyer who had been practicing since 2016. The case attracted audiences of both legal minds as well as civilians.

This particular criminal case proceeding lasted for three hours with both the plaintiff's lawyer and the respondent's lawyer presenting their facts. However, the case had been on this court for one year, and this was the day when the ruling would be made. The case was presented by a middle-aged young lady whose vehicle had been stolen while at the parking yard. Madam Jayleen had sued Mr. Mullins, who she believed had stolen the car which she had parked in the apartment's parking. In the previous night, she had seen Mr. Mullin loitering in the parking yard. Mr. Mullin did not have any car at the parking lot, so it was not certain what he was doing in the parking at midnight. One day after the incidence, Jayleen woke up only to find that the car was not where she had parked it. During the preceding, however, the respondent's attorney argued that during the night where Jayleen saw Mullins, he was called by another tenant to help repair his car.

The tenant who Mullins alleged to have been repairing the vehicle for never turned up for the court proceedings. The judge, therefore, ruled that Mullin was guilty of the offense and sentenced him to 40 years. The proceedings of the case were efficient since all the witnesses were allocated time. The plaintiff and the respondent also had sufficient tie for resenting their facts on the case. All the parties involved in the case were given adequate time to argue, so although the respondent team felt that the ruling was not fair, the judge had carried his duty of deciding on the case professionally.

The tone presented during the proceedings was moderate, and the language used was one which was easy to understand. The lawyer presenting the respondent, however, seemed less confident in what he was saying. The accused did not account for his whereabouts during the night when the robbery took place. My impression of the case was unique because I had never attended a criminal hearing before. A career in legal matters requires dedicating and commitment. Being a lawyer or a judge requires a lot of effort because there is a lot of information which needs to be critically evaluated to make a just decision. Before attending the proceeding, I thought that it was easy to tell whether the accused was guilty or not. This, however, changed when I saw how confident the accused was at the beginning of the hearing. It was difficult to establish whether he was lying, although this changed after subsequent questioning.

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