Health Information Systems in Schools, Problem Solving Essay Example

Published: 2022-07-12
Health Information Systems in Schools, Problem Solving Essay Example
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What steps are taken to deal with the incident?

The health and safety of students in schools are essential and it calls for urgent decision-making (Bennathan & Boxall, 2013). Firstly, in this case of poisoning, first aid should be administered to every affected student. Concurrently, emergency services should be contacted to oversee the incident and send ambulances. Secondly, the school administration should get in contact with parents and guardians to inform them of the situation. This helps in the fast recovery of students and in difficult decision-making by the medical fraternity. Thirdly, the students should be immediately taken to hospitals and treated separately depending on the condition. Lastly, each student must be put under observation during the recovery process and later releases.

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How can the problem be avoided in the future?

The main types of poisoning in schools are food and lead poisoning. Food poisoning can be avoided through observing proper hygiene, creating awareness of proper hygiene among employees and students and the use of pest control and management when it comes to food storage in schools (Goktas et al., 2014). Also, the school management should ensure that ready-to-eat or serve food should be kept in clean places with favorable temperature. In cases of lead poisoning, the classrooms should be tested on lead components and if traces are found, the painting should be covered with a new paint to prevent students from inhaling lead dust.

How may the health information system be applied through the use of cloud what type of cloud?

The health information system can be applied in this case by ensuring that all information concerning students is available electronically via the school website (Hinman & Davidson, 2009). The information should include the medical history, personal and parents information about every student. This will enable medics to handle students accordingly without administering the wrong medication. The type of cloud to be used should be a hybrid cloud where the school communicates with all students and parents on a public cloud while keeping their health records safely through a private cloud.

What type of electronic connection is proposed between the school and the hospital and the parents and the health records file for each student?

The electronic connection most suitable between the school, hospital, and parents is the health websites and e-mails (Olsen, Saunders & McGinnis, 2011). The platforms help all parties to share critical information either through text, graphics, and videos to understand the underlying factors in the health of students.


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