Paper Example. Road Trip to Toronto With the Girls

Published: 2023-03-30
Paper Example. Road Trip to Toronto With the Girls
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We did not go to gamble in Vegas! It is perhaps important to state that our road trip did not end in Vegas, given that almost every popular story involving a road trip ends with a wild night out in Las Vegas casinos. Our plan was very simple- we would drive and sample the foods and cultures of every single town between Maine and Toronto for the Islamic Convention during December's winter.

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With Jasmine's open-top Wrangler Jeep available, we hit the road early on a Friday morning. Actually, we did not stop in the first few towns close to home such as Sherbrooke simply because they were too familiar and close to home. I remember breathing in the morning fresh air laden with dew and watching where the green horizon met with the clear blue sky before embarking on the journey- it was a beautiful day to begin a road trip.

I was in charge of the music and judging from the two friends at the back seat, I think I did quite a good job of playing all my favorite songs and convincing them that that's what they had been missing. For example, I remember playing the song Amnesia by the band 5 Seconds of Summer and Cate being all mushy in the back seat because it reminded her of her ex boyfriend. I love and hated the song in equal measures because while it was one of the best composed songs, it, however, reminded me of a past relationship. It was going to be a long trip for her if every love song would remind her of him, I remember thinking. However, her mood soon changed, lucky for everyone.

I was taking my role as the co-driver very serious not only by selecting the music but also chatting with the driver. Being relatively new, the cars sound system was good, contributing to the crisp sound coming from the surround system speakers inside the car. I knew how being the driver can sometimes be boring and exhausting especially in the morning when the traffic was heavy. As a result, I tried my best to keep her excited about the trip as much as possible. It was not that much fun for me because I was in effect her secretary, shuffling between exciting conversations to checking her Facebook account. Nevertheless, the mood inside the car was happy and I liked it.

All along the way, we tasted as much strange food and drinks as we could in every town including Montreal and Kingston. A few days earlier, we had had promised ourselves that we would have to stop for brunch at Damas Restaurant. I ordered for shrimp and cheese. As we waited for our order, I got myself absorbed into the inside decorations of the main dining room, especially the deep red velvet seats and the mahogany hard woods.

I was so immersed in the interior that I can almost swear that I could smell the intoxicating musk of the mahogany wood. It was that strong. The shrimp was delicious and after helping it go down with the strawberry cheese, I was already full. We bought crisps and yoghurt at the pump station as we hit the road again. It is surprising how much the human stomach can accommodate.

Back in the car, the mood was a bit calm as the heavy brunch started taking its toll. Looking back at the backseat, Cate was alright now and was probably the brightest in the park. I even tried to sweet-talk her to change seats but she would hear none of it. I was getting suspicious that life at the back seat was sweeter than in the front but since I did not want Jasmine to feel lonely, I decided not to shift.

Now that I had got tired of shuffling the music, I loaded the playlist with all the songs and had kicked back to enjoy. Taking advantage of the mood, Jasmine let the jeep stretch its legs between Montreal and Kingston. Thanks to the car's big engine and the relatively clear roads, we gulped up the road pretty fast and by the afternoon, we arrived at Kingston.

All along, I had been promising myself that I would go straight for the Marco Polo Pizza. I remember looking at the menu and feeling some saliva forming in my mouth as the smell from the open kitchen danced its way into the dining area. I was lost in the moment. After so much waiting, the delicacy was delivered. The pizza consisted of mushrooms, tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes, lemon chicken and mozzarella among other magical ingredients that these Italians seem to have discovered.

To date, I still have no idea what mozzarella but from the taste of that pizza, it is something that I can eat every day. Unlike in Damas Restaurant, I did not care much for the interior because my eyes were on the pizza throughout the time in the restaurant. We took some several pictures of the delicious pizza for our Instagram accounts and headed back to the car for the final stretch of the trip.

I drove the rest of the trip. For some reason, the trip became suddenly more joyous as the evening arrived. There is something magically refreshing with driving in the evening in the open road. As the air becomes thick and cold outside, the inside of the car feels warm and the car becomes an important part of the travelling park. May be it is because you suddenly start to appreciate the security and comfort of the car as it keeps the hostile external weather at bay.

As the driver, you also become intrinsically attached to the machine, feeling every bump on the road and the power of the engine as it rhythmically roared up ahead. At some point, accelerating, breaking and steering felt telepathic as the car felt like a beautiful extension of myself. It was a special relationship. With everybody in the car now immersed in their thoughts and only some periodic chatter breaking up once in a while as we speeded up down the wide road.

Finally, we arrived at Toronto just when the lights in the city were coming alive. With the bright beautiful lights beaming on our faces, we meandered into the city. While the initial idea was to arrive in Toronto with at least half our money, when we finally made it to the big city, we did not have a lot to spare. It seemed the ravenous eating patterns on our way had put a hole in our pockets. Nevertheless, we did not care because so far it had been the best road trip of our lives. As we prepared for the convention the following day, we went for a brief visit of the city before settling for the night. As I look back with nostalgia, this moment was without a doubt the best road trip and the best moments that I have spent with my friends to date.

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