Essay Sample on Beauty Synthesis

Published: 2022-12-08
Essay Sample on Beauty Synthesis
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Beauty is a combination of attributes and features that are found within an object or person; however not every person perceives these qualities the same way. In society today, it is very uncommon to see real beauty in people because what is considered to be beautiful is all photo-shopped and unrealistic. The features of a person should not be based on made up standards; instead they should be found on the person's exceptional characteristics, their spirituality, and other artistic features. The image of beauty described by our culture has created a vague image of real beauty where the external features of a person are of more importance. Although beauty is usually sought in women, men may also be included as beauty is a trait that all of humanity carries. Beauty is all about acceptance and feels free to show off one's real personality and which shall not be judged.

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Numerous people believe that making parts of their body artificial will make them more attractive. On the centrally, going through all that trouble would not be necessary if these people had would accept their natural beauty. Embracing oneself is one way of having a beautiful feeling inside and out. Efcott argued that "It is the body that we are most estranged from and that beauty covers and helps us to deny." Humanity has come to be in denial of their appearance and spiritually; they long to have the features of their dreams. Why do women wear make-up when all it does is cloak your personality? Humanity has come to depend on make-up and other tactics to cover up flaws so small that cause everyday people to become self-conscious. Makeup does not accentuate who a person indeed is; in fact, it hides a person deeper than expected.

Make-up is a simpler solution to defeating one's imperfections, as many people would like more permanent results; they visit specialized doctors to make them "beautiful." As time goes, people have dealt with improving their look in different ways which are how cosmetic surgery came to be. As Peiss stated, "Over the decades, mothers and daughters have taught each other about cosmetics..." would prove how over the years many people, especially women, have become timider not wanting to show their true aspects. The being in denial of growing old or not having the feature you want does not make a person ugly; it just means that people must learn to love themselves for who they are. Although make-up, cosmetic, and plastic surgery have come to be a significant part of this beauty dispute, covering up flaws is not the only factor that is being used.

Role models such as celebrities or magazine articles seem to brainwash people into wanting better features for their bodies. Unfortunately, social media, celebrities, and magazines are responsible for having distorted the idea of pure beauty. They all point out that the shape of one's body is a real beauty and allowed the world to follow along with this thought. According to Koggel, "... and advertising businesses with their use of idealized images of femininity." Many businesses hire people for photo shoots which in most cased the original photo never gets shown to the public. Instead, pictures are doctored and edited to make to features of others look more pleasing and appealing causing the world to believe that they too can get to achieve perfection, but everyone has a flaw even if it is the smallest imperfection.

Beauty does not possess the false ideas of what most Americans believe beauty signifies. For instance, in some regions of the world such as the Labrador Islands, beautiful women are characterized by white hair and dark teeth. In the world today, Beauty is defined as something that a mere few lucky souls possess because they appeal to society's senses as such. What we know as "beauty" is photoshopped, fake, and obscure. Beauty's real character is hidden under all of the things our culture wants us to consider to be attractive. Instead, human beauty should be defined as something that we all possess in our unique ways, both inside and out. Human beauty should be perceived as something that is natural, ageless, and should occur both on the inside and outside of beings.

Beauty may consist of attractive physical attributes but aesthetically pleasing people may be considered ugly or anything but beautiful if they behave with unattractive personality traits. When a human looks in a mirror, beauty is not visible but instead is embellished deep inside a person's soul; for a person to be considered beautiful and have others look past their physical qualities a person must have these personality traits: caring, polite, genuine, humble, and intelligent.

Real beauty will hardly ever surface to humanities eyes. Men and women have both seemed to seek for a fabricated grace, one which is merely impossible to attain. Real beauty lies beneath the skin and bones. What is a beautiful person if their personality is brutal? Knowing who someone is in the inside is of higher standing than that of physical appearance. Everyone would love to have improvised features, those of their dreams, but unfortunately, this beauty is not the real beauty.

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