Free Essay Sample on Arts and Architecture: Analysis of Architectural Features

Published: 2022-10-12
Free Essay Sample on Arts and Architecture: Analysis of Architectural Features
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The architectural feature of the building is a rose window and is a representation of Gothic architectural culture. The placement of the rose window is on the front-side of the building which makes it strategic and visible to anyone who passes by the place. The rationale behind the building's adoption of the gothic style in the design of the building is that most churches, since the 19th century, have evolved to adopt the Gothic architectural culture in the design all churches across the world. Hence, the artist's ability to incorporate the architectural feature was to ensure that there the continuation of culture in the development of church structures. Therefore, I think that the choice of architectural design was to ensure that the building facilitates the uniqueness of churches from other worship centers as well as facilitate uniformity of Christian churches.

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The Gothic architectural feature rose window, resembles the rose window in Chartres Cathedral, ca. 1220. The design of most cathedral churches in New York was inspired by ancient gothic culture after the revolution of the gothic culture being used in temple and the beginning of its use in the construction of churches. Concerning the cultural influence of the gothic culture in the development of the building, it is evident that the feature plays an essential role in facilitating the preservation of gothic culture to the Christians living in New York. Also, the Greeks and the Romans get to understanding the changes or evolution in architectural features. Lastly, architects in the area may copy from the design for the purpose of developing other structures within the region.

The architectural feature of the building [St. Raymond] represents tympanum from the Romanesque culture. The placement of the tympanum is above the entrance door; however, of other buildings may place it above windows. Hence, it is visible to the people who pass by the church. As for the artist, the rationale behind the placement of the tympanum above the entrance door is that most of the ancient cathedral churches utilize the feature for the purpose of signifying that is a worship place. Therefore, I think the artist made a good choice of placing the tympanum above the entrance door to the church. Also, the inclusion of the feature on the entrance door suffices to be a continuation of the practice by many architects of the church.

The tympanum architectural feature resembles the tympanum architectural design of Saint Lazare, Autun c.1120-1135. Regarding cultural influence, the adoption of the tympanum architectural feature of the building showcases its importance in the preservation of ancient culture. The fact that the architectural features show how builders or constructors of the past were developing their buildings is proof that buildings are some of the essential aspects of society that contribute to the preservation of culture. Subsequently, the portrayal of the ancient Romanesque culture in the particular building shows that architects of the modern-day society can learn from the efforts of the architects of the ancient time and how they have influenced their actions. Thus, it has shaped the approach to architectural designs in the town as people try to maintain consistency in the appearance of the town. Moreover, the region becomes a great place for Roman visitors and settlers as it becomes a constant reminder of their Romanesque culture.

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