Essay Sample on Romantic Period of Poetry Masterpieces - Experiencing Poetry

Published: 2023-04-20
Essay Sample on Romantic Period of Poetry Masterpieces - Experiencing Poetry
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Romanticism is one of the most important periods in the history of literature and other artistical work. The literary, intellectual, and artistic movement originated in Europe, especially towards the end of the 18th century, and lasted for approximately one decade. The movement was adversely characterized by a new emphasis on self-led and individuality to suspicion associated with restraints that are imposed by the social institutions to increase attention to the inhibited inner psychological life. The movement was initiated to move people from universal assumptions to the formulation of the individuality of particular concepts for the introduction of national identity among Americans. Rationally, the era was also characterized by an in-depth study of poems such as "A Red Red Rose" by Robert Burns and other authors during this period maximized on the appreciation of nature and the reflection of the natural world (Burns Ch. IV). Under this belief, an appreciation of the natural world and life was reflected in spiritual transcendences that cut across several disciplines to assert the credibility of valuable correspondences. As emotion and feeling replaced the Enlightenment, most literary works of art during this period emphasise on reason. Most poets during this period turned ways from the traditional classical themes and focus on images of ordinary people and real life. As a result, poetry found a new form that remarkably addresses issues affecting the common person. This paper focuses on examining the subject matter, ideas, and style that make a romantic poem; the poem that it is.

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Romantic poems are centrally characterized with an emphasis on imaginative and emotional spontaneity. As opposed to neoclassicism, the romanticism era mainly focuses on the importance of nature to sustain the needs of people while creating a close relationship with other variables that are useful n ascertain the subject matter. Significantly, most poets in this movement were afflicted on the importance of emotional and imaginative spontaneity to build their works of art and other pieces. For instance, in the "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," by Samuel Taylor portrays the importance of nature in asserting a certain credible relationship with a human being. The poet maximizes on the description of the relationship between the sailors and the mariner in overcoming the storm that had befallen them. Though their beliefs of spirits among some sailors, to have exposed them to the wind, a remarkable association is, established between the author and nature to make the piece what it is and how it should be evaluated. Similarly, most romantic poems outline the importance of personal feeling and self-expression. In most cases, poetry is regarded as one of the emotions and the heart of exploring the pure imagination as opposed to the scientific truth. The use of "I" voice in most of the romantic poems is central. It defines and evaluates the significance of the poet's feelings and perception. For example, in John Keats's " When I have Feared," the poet reveals the importance of having self-expressions as well as the fears that certain emotions can expose people to in their daily interactions with others (ii). Melancholy also occupies a prominent and integral place in romantic poetry. It acts as the source of inspiration among most Romantic poets across the world. In John Keats's "Ode to a nightingale," he writes that for many times he has been partially in love with the easeful death, gave him soft names that were characterized b several missed rhyme as it takes air from his quiet breath.

Additionally, most romantic poems have an exceptional religious response to nature. Love for life is credibly described in lyric poetry. During the period, there was a strong recourse to natural and historical inevitability in the representation of main ideas. Individual artist promoted the importance of critical imagination in credible responding to the religious connotations that were affecting the social relationships among people. Most romanticism poems are majorly concerned about how nature should be evaluated, and analyzed based on things that make it how it is. The difference between divine and creation in conjunction with other integral aspects. This poetry also maximizes on the relationship between external places and nature as well as on the belief in pantheism. Although the poets in this era differ significantly in their views and the way, they perceive nature, Wordsworth views nature as a teacher, living thing, god, and everything. Wordsworth's feeling is exceptionally expressed and developed in his epic poem "The Prelude" where he embraces the beauty in nature and its significance to the living. Shelley and John Keats are other lovers of nature. As Wordsworth rationally approaches to nature, Shelley was more ardent on the intellectual part of nature (12). However, although these poets portrayed significant love for nature, making romantic poetry to be more associated with such variables and values, Coleridge gave the romantic poetry a new look. He argued that nature has no relationship with pleasure and joy, but rather the reactions of people is based on their disposition ad moods. As a result, most of the romantic poems were written to satisfy such themes.

Another essential style of Romantic poetry was the shift from the imitative or mimetic that was common during the neoclassical period to a new focus on imagination. Coleridge saw his vision as a quasi-divine force of creativity and supreme poetic quality that makes a poet be viewed as a godlike being. Other poets had seen the incepted component as an invention, judgment, and imagination. However, Blake, on his support, maintains that a single power is all enough to make a poem meaningful. The pots in the romanticism period emphasized the workings associated with the unconscious mind, meditation, and dreams on the supernatural life, as well as the primitive and childlike view of the world. The later has been regarded as the essential factor in romanticism because of its intensity and clarity that are not specific to particular sentiments. Further, the formation of the romantic attitude was given more power and essentiality for it to be sincere, intense, and spontaneous. Wordsworth maintains in most of its works that the feeling attributed in the romantic poem should be used to dictate our creative imagination while building our attitudes towards a common goal. The diction used the romantic poets was a language of feeling. For instance, Wordsworth's diction, though differs adversely with others, it was flexible and convectional.

Medievalism and Hellenism are also significant styles that were common in most romantic poems. In most cases, lyric poetry though was attracted to adverse nostalgia; medievalism was also an important characteristic and style adopted by most of the ear to make their works splendid. In John Keats's and Coleridge poems, the authors explored his use of medievalism to make their pieces meaningful. Most of the poems in this period attracted obscure, remote, and exotic places, thereby attracted more to the Middle Age as compared to other ages. Similarly, most poets like John Keats explored the use of allusions in his poetry, making its art to embrace the importance of classical Greece. In his "Ode on a Grecian Urn", the use of references was integral in giving poems their directions as well as determines that associations that they have to nature (III). The use of supernatural elements was also every day in most romantic poems. Coleridge and Samuel Taylor are regarded as he proponents in this regard. "Kubla Khan" is an example of a supernatural element that was adversely explored by Samuel Taylor in his poetic works. The style was an adjacent interest in the primitive art forms that were seen in early folksongs and ballads. These poets turned back to the incurred techniques that were realized during other periods and used them to boost their focus to real life. Across all generations of poets in romantic poetry, authors explored the use of medievalism to ensure that their pieces meet the required threshold. Coleridge's "Frost at Midnight" also examined the relationship between happiness and the environment. It also reflects on childhood's idyllic innocence. The scenic description of romantic poems also reveals their purposes.

Moreover, the concerns of the romantic poets were to change the age of intellectual climate. Most of them, such as William Blake in most of his writings depict his dissatisfaction with the current state of life and other religious drabness that contrast contemporary thinking. The development of mockery ease instated to change the perception that had existed in the world in the recent past. Coleridge's poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner," reveals the poetic revelation of the delight in nature's power as well as the human intensity that is associated with ordinary people (Coleridge ii). The poem concludes with the meditative approach that signifies attempts to nature other concepts that can be developed to revamp the new ones and build an equal correlation. The "To Autumn" also explores the impact of nature in trying addressing its implications to human. In the investigation of the relationship between the human mind and nature, most poems in this era attempt to explain the importance of beauty. For instance, "The Prelude" constitutes significant English expressions that are integral in the romantic discovery of literature and self as his main topic of art. The charismatic and exceptional choice of styles in romantic poetry makes them appealing to both the mind and souls as well as brings people close to their intended meaning as opposed to their physical outlook.

Instead of writing traditional forms of poetics such as ballads and sonnets, most romantic poems were free verse without any fixed, regular rhyme. They were barely broken-up prose that explores the adverse use of other poetic and rhetorical devices to heighten the meaning of language and intensity of the piece. Most of them were associated with a long line, breath, as well as inclusiveness to make meaning out of them. For since, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", by Coleridge explored the use of long lines as a way of expressing and validating the concept of length that has been ardent in most of their pieces in this era. Similarly, romantic poetry was design in such a way that it addresses its audience with the main issues that are supposed to be felt based on the characters that the poet intends to use in his or her piece for a significant reason. Beauty was a common concept in most romantic poetry. Poets ensured that all their parts were converging towards common goals of shaping the world to away that does not affect other components. The interest and concern about the outcast of the society are also common issues that romantic poetry captured during this period. William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor, and John Keats devised their artwork to address the milieu and give it a meaningful outlook. In Keats's poem, choice of language is highly connotative. The writings adopted by the poet are characterized by poetic devices such as metaphors, consonance, assonance, personification and sensual imagery. These poetic styles were also seen in Coleridge's writings to make their works meaningful and adversely sensible. In his poem "Ode to a Nightingale", the diction is precise and straightforward with valuable connotations that reveal the possible emotional and sensual revere that he intends to pass across.

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