Entertainment Was a Luxury - Personal Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-06
Entertainment Was a Luxury - Personal Essay Sample
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Entertainment was a luxury. Whatever chance we got to entertain ourselves we used it to the maximum. When we got out of camp, we would go to the nearest town and have drinks, sing karaoke and do the things we did not get to do while on active duty. Where we could not get out of camp, we would play darts, football, soccer, basketball and at times baseball. Card games were also a common past time. Leave was a time to be spent with family but when we were unable to get back home, we would camp in towns and have our recreation there until our leave was over.

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One of the most humorous things that happened while I was in the service happened to my friend. He snuck out of camp one night to carousel with some local ladies. Later that morning, the commanding officer got a call from the local police, they found my friend bound and gagged to a bed with no clothes on. He had been robbed off all valuables including his tags, and military ID.

We used to prank each other a lot especially when not in combat situations. One had to be constantly on the lookout for colleagues practical jokes. One of my favorites was putting a sleeping soldiers hand in warm water. It would make them wet their bed on many occasions; it was hilarious to see the reactions in the morning!

My officers and sergeants were good soldiers who knew how to get the job done. It was not an easy task commanding a group of war ready men. They drove us to our limits to ensure our duties were carried out efficiently. I think they did a pretty good job at that. My fellow soldiers were great guys, ready to serve their country despite the risks involved to them. we would joke a lot about fear and cowardice but we never felt their impact on us. My fellow soldiers were brave fighters. I used to have a diary but I lost it at camp while moving. After service, I went back to my hometown and wrote for my local paper as well as websites.

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