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My concern is how my country, USA is greatly affected by the improper use of laws suits. In my country, people over depend on legal policies to solve their problems even in a case where they can come to a conclusion without the use of a legal suit. In my speech, I have four ways in which I can bring solution to this American problem of overdependence on the law. In my opinion, I am going to give an excellent talk about that subject matter. Please use the below video link to listen to my opinion about legal suit in USA. From my analysis, we can learn a number of things about public speaking. Here is a link of a video of Mr. Howard speaking. From the speech in the above video link, we denote that the main purpose of Howard speech is categorically stated upfront when he says law is a legal policy which controls the conduct and behavior of people and it is a requirement for US to make these laws simpler so that it can encourage them to solve their challenges. It is usually good to talk to audience directly because it they are likely to understand your position in advance and therefore it is a up-on the speaker to expand on his case.

Mr. Howards tries to be at par with the Audience as early as possible when he explains to people of America how the law has affected their recently. In this kind of a speech, it is reasonable to start the discussion at a point of known to a point of unknown. This eliminates unnecessary disagreement before proceeding to another very important point.

In the speech of Howard, he starts by introducing several stories that supports his points. His stories are all about information that ridicules current Federal law. Mr. Howards says, tell stories again and again, Have ever listen to me saying all these some days back; You people, I will still tell you all these again. Mr. Ted starts by telling education system stories, which he knows that all the Americans, understands most before highlighting the negative effects of federal laws and how it cannot be used to eliminate societal challenges. In my opinion, the main purpose of telling stories by Ted is to draw the attention of the audience so that they can understand the information being conveyed by Mr. Ted.

After he finished the narration of his stories, he embark on his main theme by saying, We have learnt that the law is the backbone of democracy but nowadays we have been using it as a minefield. The main reason for saying this to the audience is to seek a common ground for easy flow of information.

Mr. Ted again, starts a medical story, which the audience can use to relate to the thesis. This is very important as it put emphasis on the subject matter. In his speech, Mr. Howards gives an appropriate example how he has been affected by the law. This example enables him to be at par with the audience. This enhances the understanding of the audience by illustrating the reason why he is saying that Federal law is being misused for financial gain but not to foster justice. Mr. Howards also sites an example of a very rogue litigation, which we usually hear about. He argues that this kind of litigation cannot help bring justice in any case.

In this speech, Mr. Howard does not over emphasize on this law but he only downplays it by saying that the nature of this case is that it contains some minority cases that can be considered easily by the judicial courts. The introduction of these quasi laws makes Mr. Howards to be considered brilliant, as he is able to intensify his points in the course of his speech. He argues that current legislations have brought change to the people of America to the point that there is fear of lack of freedom since nobody is free to apply his or her personal judgment. According to me, the illustration given by Mr. Howard in his speech is effective because it acts as a point of focus in this speech.

It is usually very difficult to for the audience to capture all the information is a speech and therefore the speaker has to give priority on the points he wants to address. Most speakers usually ignore this but for the sake of Mr. Howard; he gives priority to his points where he addresses the most important first by attempting to reveal everything to the audience. Mr. Howards also ensure that he addresses everything he believes important in his speech to clarify his thesis or subject matter.

In nthe course of Mr. Howards speech he asked, So what can we do? At this point, Mr Howards has identified the main problem and working out its solution. This is also to reaffirm to the audience that the message in Mr. Howards speech are true and correct. Mr. Howard also used a terrifying metaphor, which says looking at a tiny problem through a legal microscope. This metaphor is applied with the purpose of clarification purposes and to add more meaning to his message. Of course, this is Utopia. (Pause) It is a method of getting paralysis, not freedom (paurse) It is not the order of the law neither is it the basis of free society. This remarks made by Mr. Howard is very important in his speech because enable the audience to capture the main theme of the speech. There are also the use of many stories and statistical results to enhance his argument concerning the first proposition. These propositions are meant to support his argument so that the audience can believe that the information being given is true and correct.

Mr. Howard also confident about the message he is conveying to the public by trying to be as open as possible. He also asserts that people ate behaving like idiots meaning that the law is being used wrongly to the point that it denies people their freedom. This therefore is being seen as proposition change in his speech.

Mr. Howard introduces his speech by saying, the challenge at this point is not to amend the law but to build trust since it is the main hindrance for change in America. This kind of introduction is used to indicate another proposition for change. This kind of statement makes the audience to focus on what is being said by the speaker. He also adds that, the law drives citizen from a very tidy piece of the intellect to the thin veneer of cognizant logic. This statement made by Mr. Howard is very important as it illustrates the importance of law when it is used properly. It therefore acts as a third proposition of change and the fourth comes when Mr. Howard reaffirms that the society cannot be managed by using the least denominator. This statement is also considered important in his speech because he gives advice to people of America that they can only run the society by using good laws that protects all people. When Mr. Howard uses triple if. Followed by series is used to develop the strength of his idea and considers that things would be better when laws are being used properly. At the end of his speech, he uses another ending motion, which shows that he has the zeal and zest to pass this message to the public. He also ended loudly and with some emotion that what the Government is doing is wrong and it denies the citizen their freedom.

Generally, Mr Howard uses humor so well to the extent that his audience was happy with him throughout his speech. The humour he uses supported him to highlight main points for easy understanding by the audience. I propose that Mr. Howard could have polished his speech by applying my three different proposals. The initial suggestion is that this speech could have been more interesting when it could have been delivered without the use of notes of he could have only use few notes to support his idea. My only appreciation is that Mr. Howard had a very important message to the people but the only problem was his speech that seemed to be slow because he used to refer to his notes. Mr. Howard becomes persuasive when he addresses the audience without referring to his notes. This makes him to engage his audience more vividly because they see him as if he is talking to them wholeheartedly. During his speech, he remained standing at one point throughout his speech and that is a very bad way of addressing people as Mr. Howards had the entire stage to address the public. In my opinion, he could have moved from point to point to ensure that he uses the entire stage that was meant for him. This kind of movement also could have enabled him to talk to people more vividly but for his case, he addressed the audience when sitting at the edge of the podium.

I therefore support that this speech was very nice and it contained facts that are close to the truth. The speaker also talked so eloquently and used all manner of verbs and nouns to ensure that the message he wants to put across reaches the intended audience. The speaker was also able to retain the audience throughout the speech. This makes me to consider him a great public speaker. Since I am a fellow lawyer, I supported his idea and a believe that it is true and correct. It now upon the Government of USA to create laws that provides freedom to the people so that the citizens do not act as if they are enslaved in their own country. I consider the work of Mr. Howard perfect and I would salute him for a wonderful work well done.



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