Acid Base Balance Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-14
Acid Base Balance Essay Example
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Acid base balance is the process in which the human body is able to regulate acidic and basic (alkaline) levels in the blood to maintain the normal potential hydrogen (PH). Thus, failure to proper balance of alkaline and acids in the body may result to different kinds of complications or diseases. The essay focuses to analyze all the possible consequences of acid base imbalance in the human body, explain what put people at risk of this imbalance outlining the applicable knowledge which can be used by people suffering from diabetes in the nursing process.

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Body organs like kidney, lungs, and liver work together to control the level of acid and base imbalance, otherwise the level of acid would go up affecting all the functions of the body for example making of body fluids acidic. The acidity in the fluids in return affects the metabolic reactions making the organs in active or denatured. Nevertheless, the blood PH is always neutral that is 7 and buffers imbalances like carbon IV oxide, ammonia, bicarbonate, phosphate, protein, and carbonic acid may cause acid base reaction. More acid in the blood is known as academia and more bases is called alkalemia. Human body is highly sensitive to its PH and increase may result to death. Therefore, it is paramount to maintain acid base balance to ensure the correct PH for healthy living.

Diabetes Ketoacidosis results in two type diabetes; type I, and type II. Patients suffering from type I diabetes Ketoacidosis lack enough insulin in the blood. Body metabolic reactions increase leading to burn of body fat into ketone that result to complications like dehydration, vomiting, deep breathing among others. Patients are treated in accordance to proper ratio of fluids in the body; otherwise, delayed treatment may lead to death. It is advisable to follow physician or doctors instruction when dealing with patients suffering from such ailment after the symptoms are diagnosis. Vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, frequent thirst, large amount of urine production and high blood sugar are some of the signs of people suffering fro diabetes Ketoacidosis commonly called diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes Ketoacidosis originates from lack of insulin in the body in relation to glucagon that increases the level of glucose in the liver. Thus, little insulin result to formation of numerous free fatty acids that are converted to ketone that also in turn acidifies the blood raising body PH. On the other hand, diabetes Ketoacidosis may also be caused by excessive alcoholism and starvation. Alcoholism lowers body responsive mechanism to fight antigens in the body leading to lack of important fluids in the body that carry required components for the body. Starvation on the other hand allows the body to digest fat that increases level of acid, and lowers level of insulin in the blood. The glucagon produced in the liver fails to be converted to glycogen in the liver leading to increase in blood sugar.

Moreover, too much insulin in the blood causes diabetes type II where the liver fails to control insulin level hence, leading to a disease called diabetes insipindus. The urine produced has a lot of sugar due to lack of dilution in the body. Patients do not feel thirst at all because of high glucose produced. Doctors advise people suffering from such ailments to seek medical attention early enough for treatment to avoid complications in their old age when it is incurable. Comparing the two types of diabetes Ketoacidosis, type II is more fatal than type I. Besides, it mostly affects children with about 70% mortality rate compared to 20% to adults.

Generally, body PH, acid- base balance, glucose level, and potassium level in the body fluids determine the health of individuals. Doctors insist frequent checkups of the above to avoid late diagnosis that cannot be treated. They also emphasize on addition extra insulin in the body to control acid-base level balance to avoid academia or alkalemia in the body. Diet eaten by such patient should contain all ingredients, which can easily be digested, and rich in carbohydrates and salts.

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