Art Essay Example: The Card Player by Paul Cezanne (Painting)

Published: 2019-09-03
Art Essay Example: The Card Player by Paul Cezanne (Painting)
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The card player is known to be famous ail paint that was made by Paul Cezanne, a French artist that was a post-impressionist. The painting is remarkable as it is made unique with different sizes and versions of the painting. One of his best moments was in the 1890s when he felt that he had found something that would get him reconnect. The painting is considered to be the most finest and remarkable painting which was used to serve even the high list of the artistic final year.

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Cezanne painted the painting during the ancient times and in that context, various versions vary in their sizes and in the number of players that are depicted. Their variation in size is quite a spectacle as it ranges from the 4 by 6 feet all the way and going down to be 1 feet by 2 feet. Many people thought that the card players were betting men, but that is not the case. In the card players, there is nothing to prove that there are counting the money. Therefore, it can be concluded that the five paintings could mean that, the people in the painting who are quite can also mean that the people lacked the act of gambling and that it was made to be so as to gain similar way in enjoying the game.

The artwork is considered to be more than an artistic admiration since the portrait was not entirely about gambling, but Cezannes piece of art was more than the exploration of the possible nuisance. In the portrait, there are radiant white highlights in the patient and it means that the white glare is a separator of the two sections as the composition is also clear. Since it was known as the most brilliant piece of work as it represents the card players and the pipe smokers which were considered to be the most iconic and powerful art. The painting indicates five players who sat at the rustic table playing cards. The painting also has the versions of the Courtauld Gallery, the Metropolitan Museum Art, and the Musee D Orsay.

Cezannes players are not drawn like the typical gambler who is rowdy drinkers and noise making. The players seem to be quiet and composed. The earlier peasant was viewed to be rowdy drinkers and very noisy, and this was not depicted in the drawing which could have been a symbol of the rural genre.

The men are also stoical and are well absorbed in the game that they are playing. The monument was communicating something useful and durable. The aspect drawn from the painting which incorporates the peasant works and the card players simply indicates that evocation of the firm traditions was attained through the pushing of boundaries in the new direction. His painting was freely and inventively which could in turn cause the peasant to go through a patchwork of bush strokes which is used when animating the surface of suffering.

It is believed that the card player portrait must have been made out of inspiration from a visit to the artists hometown museum. The painting is a representation of the peasant way of life which involved smoking of pipe and playing cards. The eyes were cast downwards with the hope of winning the game at hand. The fact that all the males were very keen, head downcast and the intent of games at hand is believed to be an adaptation motif from the 17th century Dutch and French genre painting. The portrait has got less drama, narrative, and even the characterization. He was able to reduce the individual participant from the card player from the initial number five to two players. The only difference that was seen was that the two players had a bottle of wine. The bottle that was there was unused, and this means that there was the absence of drinking and money which could be seen as the prominent features by the peasant. The fact that the game was just for fun and not for the sake of money indicated that the peasant was not having enough to spend and to gamble.

The portrait of the card player is an embodiment of the Cezanne way of life since he was a farmer. The painting has had a model for the farmhand for their communication at work still and quiet, and the men had a lot to concentrate as they could not look at each other rather their head was subjected downwards.

The features of the card players portrait have three card players who sit at the rounded semi-circle table with two spectators that are behind them watching. When the portrait is checked properly, there is a boy right behind the middle card player whose eyes are downcast too, and he is a rigid spectator of the game. The other spectator is a man who stands on the wall smoking pipe which is viewed as he is waiting for his turn at the table. The reason for the man standing against the wall was to draw attention to the upward side since most activities were taking place downwards. The portrait indicates a suppressed storytelling who prefers the game as a hobby and not a money earning process.

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