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There are three renowned books in the bible which are identified as the "book of wisdom literature." For instance, these books reveal the collected wisdom of the various generations of the people of God, and they welcomed us to specifically consider the simplicity as well as the complexity of living wisely. Thus, these books are books of job, proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. Moreover, each book explores a similar basic theme and also tackles the various questions. There are also the philosophers, Socrates and Confucius, who contributed immensely to the study of the way of life and thus welcomed us to consider some aspects of their wise quotations in their literary books as the optimal lessons of life, to anyone wishing to have magnificent experiences in the living. They are as brought out in the subsequent paragraphs.

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For instance, in the book of Proverbs, we are shown a certain perspective which is quite similar to that of a prudent teacher who is offering his insights on a vast range of subjects from wealth to relationships to spirituality. Also, the book of Proverbs explains to us that there is an aspect of Almighty God; His wisdom can guide us through our lives (Version, King James, 128). Thus, this book personifies this kind of wisdom as lady wisdom, and it attempts to explain to us that anyone can access this wisdom hence making an incredible life for each of us still living on the planet earth.

Furthermore, the book of the proverb has wise words where there is advice concerning the management of normal living for the sake of prosperity. It is linked to the spirituality part of it. It asserts that for you to get more prosperous with all the wealth that has been accumulated as per the blessings of the supreme being, there is need to master the art of giving out to the poor (Version, King James, 342). In this regard, it is wise to give out as it returns in mire multiplied ways, far much more than how they were given out. Also, the book asserts that the Almighty God exists on the earth in between humans, such that his presence should always be treasured through the observation of the welfare of the environment. It goes that through the observation of the practices of cleanliness in us and the environment, there is an assurance that one will then be closer to him. It owes to the fact that as the almighty God lives amongst us, one should thus treasure the surrounding which in their respective units, as various individuals take care of theirs, will cumulatively contribute to the service of the humanity, notwithstanding the needy on the society whose needs should be looked after. In this case, service to the needy in the society represents the service to the almighty God as he presents and manifests through them, was helping them will glorify him and hearken their prayers, thus an assurance of holiness and continuity of life after death.

Additionally, for the case of the book of Job, it is filled with the words of Wisdom especially on the lessons learned from the stories of personalities who went through some hard times and were required to incorporate wise living for their continued successes in various activities. One of the lessons is drawn from the story of Job, a staunch believer of the almighty God, who went through hard times and in the end, he succeeded (Version, King James, 542). In this regard, it emerged that the wise living is unshakable even in the unbecoming periods, where all seems to have fallen apart. It turns out that for you to live happily, observe the rules put in place for better living. In this way, there shall be the harmonious interaction with nature, where all the components of nature which require adequate treatment from anyone will, in turn, return the same favor by enhancing the quality of life for anyone in tandem with the set rules as well as the laws of nature.

Furthermore, there is the book of Ecclesiastes which is full of wise advises, address the people of all ages on diverse issues. Of particular focus is the advice to the young and older people in the marriage bracket, where they are educated on the optimal observations to observe always if they are to live happily in marriage, in issues regarding the ways to observe for you to acquire a great spouse for happy living henceforth. Among them is that you have to do the right thongs at the right time, as getting from Ecclesiastes 3 versus 3 (Version, King James, 132). In this way, the people venturing into marriage are being always advised to be patient and marry at the right time for fruition and success in all their endeavors to be encountered. Additionally, the verse extends to anyone forging ahead for a better living, where synchronization and adequate planning are essential for maximum benefits be reaped in any situation. Also, you should wisely navigate through life whereby there is need to understand the needs of your partner to engage him/her quite effectively in anything that is being undertaken, such that you avoid the unnecessary slips that can detriment the relationship which has been ordained by the almighty God.

There are also wise quotations and advice from the great philosophers who ever existed in history - some of the include Socrates and Confucius. For the case of Socrates, he pointed out that 'the unexamined life is not worth living' (Vlastos, Gregory, 34). In this regard, he was referring to the reason as to why you should live. For you to live productively, there are certain goals in life that you are aiming to someday achieve in this competitive world. More specifically, there is that one objective that you should identify, put into focus, and die for it in the run to achieve no matter the forthcoming in the way. There is thus the need to set one's mind to be conditioned to have a higher affinity to certain elements that are deemed beneficial and can aid in the attainment of any special foals in life. He also stated that 'true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.' In this way, you should consider yourself ignorant for the more considerable search of knowledge to prevail, thus contributing to more learning. For Confucius, he stated that 'wheresoever you go, go with all your heart' (Tan, Charlene, 24) In this way, there is need to put all your mind, soul, heart, and energy to any activities you undertake to attain optimal results in return.

In conclusion, it can be seen that wisdom addresses the issues touching on all the realms of life, which are of considerable significance to your existence as brought out above.

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