Essay Example on Gender Discrimination

Published: 2022-11-22
Essay Example on Gender Discrimination
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Gender discrimination is a social issue that has affected most women globally. Discrimination in terms of gender is referred to as an exclusion that is based on sex that takes place irrespective of an individual's marital status and therefore affects individual freedom. There is inequality in how women are handled compared to men in different situations. According to WHO; (2016), "women are discriminated because they are regarded as a weaker gender compared to men." Thus, the way women are being suppressed in society has caused revolts as women attempt to fight for their rights.

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The issue of gender discrimination is affecting the society to a great extent, and therefore there is a need for it to be solved. Thus, some ideas have been proposed that can help to address the challenge. First, there is a need to consider hiring and promotion policies. In this case, the work experience which is required by most job positions needs to be reduced to give women an opportunity to serve in those levels. Additionally, WHO; (2016) showed that "employers should consider having a diverse workforce where both women and men are given equal opportunities to help". Also when promotions are being done, they should be based on individual performance and qualification and not by gender. Secondly, there should be seminar sessions for men employees where they should be made to understand the consequences and signs of gender discrimination. As a result, men would be able to comfortably work with female employees thereby creating a positive environment to work in since collaboration will be enhanced. Thirdly, the performed job should be paid in full. It has been noted that in most cases women get low payment despite doing the same tasks with men. According to Ocenasova et al; (2015) "it is essential for pay scale based on the job done to be created to avoid different amounts for the same position". This would help to solve gender discrimination. Forth, the issue can be resolved by following the law to ensure that no one is discriminated since the law holds that all individuals are equal before the law. Thus, when designing of company resources is being done, it is essential to include policies of human resource that have rules of anti-discrimination being part of them. Therefore it becomes easier to administer such laws because they are part of the strategy. It is essential for gender discrimination problem to be solved effectively. This is because it will ensure that consequences that the question could have posed to the population are eliminated. If the problem is solved, women employees would feel motivated to continue working hard in their job positions. As a result, higher productions can be attained by a company. Bangunan; (2016) presented that "gender discrimination needs to be solved because of it against the law. It is a law requirement for both females and males to be treated equally". The struggle to attain gender equality is an issue which concerns both women and men worldwide. However, some aspects present in gender equality will never affect men but tend to affect women opportunities and mental health continually.

Most importantly, when gender equality is noted the affected persons should not ignore or pretend like it is not happening, but the following strategies should be utilized to solve the issue. Advice should be the sort to be able to know how well to go about solving the problem. Then the appropriate actions depending on the best decision need to be established. Moreover, any form of acquisition noted should be taken seriously to avoid repetition of such instances. Furthermore, the affected individual should avoid retaliating to solve the challenge, but they should take appropriate actions immediately. Finally, the affected individual should review their right as per the law requirements. This enables them to be able to take bold steps since they know they are fighting for a freedom that is violated.

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