Free Essay: American Dream and the Immigration

Published: 2023-03-03
Free Essay: American Dream and the Immigration
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The American dream has mostly majored in improving the economic value of the state. Immigrants are among the top individuals who take part in bettering the economy of America. Immigrants are employed within different departments; they become some of the best entrepreneurs, they pay tax, and they buy as consumers that keep the economy going. However, many researchers agree that the current immigration system has been dysfunctional, that makes America fail to achieve their competition in the global market place (Perez 1000). Many observers have it that the immigrants play a big role in helping America achieve their dream, in the essay below are some of the basic points that support that immigration play a big role in the American dream.

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Immigrants have been seen celebrating when they win a chance to work with American society. The American dream is all about many of the expectations that have been entangled in the bill of rights (Green 9). Many of the immigrants have been based on the prospect of being with a better future while in America and also when getting back home. In the American dream, they ensure that they equalize everyone, such that even those who have low-level skills can still make a high income to meet their needs (Kantamneni 320) However in another research the American dream has been defined using symbols such as; House, Car and consumer goods (Kantamneni 315).

Many groups in America have celebrated the coming of Italians, who are hardworking, they have a low level of skills, and they accept low payments. Many American employers enjoy the benefit of businesses as they get immigrants who are ready to be trained and work hard towards their duties. Immigrants are enabling achievement of the dream through innovation and learning, especially with the Italian, where they are not ethic based religion; rather, they are guided by the spirit of hard work (Harrison 234).

Immigrants increase the number of working people in America that improves the economy by adding up on the GDP. In many of the reports, the immigrants have been placed at the top or at the bottom, while the Americans have been placed in the middle (Perez 1003). Research has been found out that due to immigrants placement, they are found to motivate each other and not compete with each other. During the 1950 employees analysis, many of the employees did not have high school diploma, currently only about 9% have not made it completing the High school diploma, however currently the immigrants make a larger hold of the American employments, that makes the US workers to take lower-paying job positions, and also enroll in white color jobs.

The number of immigrants with post-degree education has increased; immigrants take up to 16% of the top employees who have been titled with a master's degree in their education. Those who have attained degrees have taken up to 20% of the employees and 29% of the employees with doctoral degrees. Immigrants have taken up the positions in which some of the Native Americans cannot manage to take due to a lower level of skills. In a study done by Harvard University, it was clear that immigrants take almost half the percent of the researchers and scientists in America.

Over time, businesses have been seen to take advantage of the immigrant's unused skills to broaden their business. Labour supply in America by the immigrants is on high demand; this helps improve the net impact of immigration that will help the American Economy, improve the production rate improving the levels of exports. America will be able to stimulate more investments as many of the Immigrants end up setting business within America. Many of the immigrants have specialized within different job positions that increase productivity as much experience and expertness is gained (Perez 999).

Immigrants play a big role in providing growth talents at a high growth rate. Being an employer, I would rather employ someone who will bring diverse creativity in the company and also demands low pay than an employer who will demand more, and still, they can't demonstrate much. Immigrants are from different environments; they have different perceptions as compared to the Americans if I mix the immigrants and the Native Americans in my company. There will be increased creativity; the immigrants will tend to bring in new ideas on what makes companies thrive in their country at the same time the Native Americans will help maintain the culture and preferences of the Americans. However, the impact towards productivity varies within different careers and job types, companies should be ready to make adjustments to fit in the market. Despite that the employer is taking advantage of the immigrants, they should be ready to adjust to meet the market needs.

Immigrants' workers generate Ripple effects that create jobs throughout the economy. Since many of the immigrants offer to take construction jobs, construction companies get the need to expand more as there will be the need for more constructors and graphic designer for business. It all opens more chances for company expansion and more profits that impact the GDP of the country. Through the Expansion of companies, many people in the US have experienced an increase in salary.

From 1994 to 2007, Us born native workers have experienced an increase in salary by 0.4% as to those with lower education level have experienced an increase by 0.3% of their previous salary that has been detected to be caused by the immigrants who take more efforts in their job roles while being paid poor wages. By increasing the wages, the American is achieving its dream to ensure that they better off their lives by getting good salaries.

EPI reports have also acknowledged that immigrants do not just affect the way companies produce the products. They also feed, pay house bills, and also buy cars for their daily survival. Through consuming goods, they do contribute if the companies trading rates increasing the GDP of America. In research carried out in 2008, the National Foundation for American Policy found out that the temporary workers increase the Job growth as well. There was an increase in the H-1B positions that were requested in 2001 and 2005, according to the NFAP, if one H-B1 requested there is an increase in job opportunities to 5 workers in the next years - suggesting that the US labor demands increases and contrasts in relation to the high demand of high skilled workers (Tirman 93).

The American Birth rate is not as high as other countries; employers face difficulties to get new employees once their old employees retire. As many immigrants keep coming, the state has the will to get more and more people who can help replace the positions of the retired people. Other countries seem to have higher education training schedules than America, hence if the old get retired the young children are left with no better skills to fit in the position to enhance smooth running of the job, Americans should come up with more and advanced learning programs where the children can make it handle positions when the old employees retire to avoid leaving gaps when they cannot locate the immigrants.

I think that America should not rely too much on immigrants, many of the immigrants end up setting business from the profit they gain back to their countries, this helps increase and improve the economic growth of their countries. If America majors more on training more skilled youths, they will end up retaining the profits to the country that will increase the GDP more, and the economy will grow much faster, achieving the American Dream (Tirman 94).

According to the research carried out by the Academy of Sciences, immigration is at a high impact helping the country to maintain the patterns of retirements that seem to have a big gap. Immigrations have high chances of coming up with innovative ideas to the market. In research carried out by Hamilton, immigrants are more likely to get out innovative ideas as compared to the American Native workers (Medhurst 100). According to general experience, people who come from different areas see the need and the potential of different business ideas to work within the geographical regions. We tend not to see what capabilities we have as to people who are not from our areas. When an immigrant gets to America, they see the opportunities that can make different companies outdo their competitors. Many of the immigrants are specialized in research and science when they have all the equipment that they have not gotten to express their capability from their countries; they appreciate and do their best. An analysis is made, and they can come up with superb business ideas.

When immigrants get their families to live in America, it plays a big role in the economy of America. When an individual gets to work with no stress of missing their family members, they increase the performance level of their work in their respective companies. Immigrants who have their families in America experience a high growth rate as immigrants who do not have their families along with them (Abramitzky 45).

While they experience low earnings, they can be able to plan on how to grow themselves. Living in America, they will see the need to adjust their skills by taking a more experienced training course to help increase their skills that impacts their level of performance within different companies.

Americans should embrace the opportunity they have; they should embrace immigrants as they play a big role in helping them achieve their dream. They offer their services in a more effective way. Employers should reward them. America was built by the ancient immigrants who are our ancestors. I met a family who had their families in America long ago, and the Italian family claimed that at first, they thought that the Americans build gold walls that enhance the growth of their economy. However, upon visiting America, they found out that Italian Americans were the ones who were building America.

Despite the fact that that many of the immigrants have been perceived to be bad and dangerous people, America should rewind and try to research on some of the cases where immigrants have caused harm to the citizens. The areas where the immigrants leave have even been rated as low class and dangerous places. None of the Italian families ever took a cent from the government officials; instead, they got their wages to form the hard work that they enrolled in their job positions.

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