PhD Personal Statement, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-04
PhD Personal Statement, Free Essay Sample
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Personal Statement PhD

Having graduated with a first degree in Mass Communication and with another degree in Human Resource Management, I would like now to focus on gaining a Ph.D. in Management. Given my interests in human resource, the primary area of interest for my Ph.D. will be in organizational behavior. My first degree in communication will be critical in the process of Ph.D. studies, as it will enable me to prepare my research papers in a manner that effectively contributes towards the field. Having a second degree in the area of human resource has also prepared me to understand the principles of human behavior within an organization which will be my main area study in the Ph.D. study. My main area of interest is strategic management and organizational behavior and the influence of HR on these components.

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The soft skills that I have gained over time will also be critical in enabling me to tackle the different objectives of the course. My excellent communication skills will be relevant during the various presentations and seminars and also in class participation. I am looking to transfer knowledge through effective communication. Nothing gives me joy other thank knowing that I contribute towards bringing change to the society. I also have excellent listening skills that will enable me to benefit from the different learning sessions provided during the course. As a person with leadership abilities, I will be in a position to engage the other students in group work and ensure we all participate in the learning process. The leadership skills will also be critical in enabling me to take up other responsibility that may arise during or after the course such as being a mentor for other learners. Currently, I have already reached out to other Ph.D. students to enable me to establish working relations during my studies.

Personal goal statement

As an individual who is focused on achieving academic goals, I ensure that I remain engaged during the learning process. Being a lifelong learner also gives me the ability to excel in rigorous programs. I look forward to being grounded in my field and learning from the best and transferring my knowledge to others. After completing my studies, I will seek innovative methods of mentoring others and ensuring that they can achieve the same level of academic success.

Given that I have worked in HR setups before, this gives me an opportunity to work with individuals with different personalities. Based on these skills I will be in a position to work well with my colleagues at the university.

Personally, being able to engage in postgraduate studies will bring delight. The process will endear me to my father and grandfather who are dedicated academicians keen on ensuring the success of their students. I serve the community through various engagements in the church as one of the ways of giving back and having a Ph.D. in Management will provide with more skills that I can use in my engagements.

My choice of the university was based on the tremendous achievements that it has had over time in the area of research and other academic areas. I also chose the University since it has demonstrated that it conducts research that is relevant to its students. I am convinced that joining the university will adequately prepare me to contribute towards the field of management as a professional.

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