Abortion Pro-choice Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-18
Abortion Pro-choice Essay Sample
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Legalizing abortion is one of the hotly debated topics, and it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the issue before one makes his or her conclusion. In most societies, abortion is viewed from different perspectives. Additionally, one's religious beliefs can have a significant impact on the legalization of abortion. Nevertheless, it is necessary to look beyond science and religious beliefs as this issue should be focused on the health and well-being of the expectant lady. This means that even if science and religious beliefs state that life starts at conception, it remains necessary to factor that of the mother too (Devins, 2016). Therefore, in the case of pregnancy-related complications, there is a need to focus on the life of the mother, something we are sure of, than that of the unborn. This is because it is not automatic that after fertilization, the child will efficiently complete his/her development process of nine months and be born while healthy as is the case with the mother. The paper will, therefore, explain the importance of legalizing the act, but having some guidelines on the issue to avoid unnecessary abortions.

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During 1800s the laws of the country forbade the act of terminating the pregnancy that is beyond 16 weeks. In the early 1990s women still had abortions even if the act was outlawed completely. At that time, the procedure of abortion was so unsafe, but other women were performing it with the unscrupulous physicians regardless of the risks involved. In that case, in 1973, the procedure of abortion was legalized through the Supreme Court and the ruling preceded the laws of the state, which banned abortion (Ginsburg, 2014). At those times, many unscrupulous characters advertised their services and performed the procedure purposely for profit making. During this time, midwives were involved as compared to nowadays where there is an increase in medical knowledge hence making the process to be safer for women than it was before.

Pro-choice abortion is the view that when a child is in her mothers womb has no human right whatsoever. In that case, women have a right to decide whether to leave the baby or abort from their body (Gal, 2014). Due to that, in the United States, people never supported this position of pro-choice, but the U.S. Supreme Court actually legalized it. Abortion pro-choice permitted women to choose the method of aborting the unwanted child, and this was typically determined by the fetus age (McCaffrey, 2013). Therefore, women who contemplate this abortion procedure should consider the risks involved such as Pelvic Inflammatory, infected blood transfusion, breast cancer. Hence, abortion put an individual at risk in both morally and medically.

The necessity to save a mothers life is of great importance because she can have many dependants. This means that if the mother dies because abortion is not allowed in the society, the unborn will die, and the dependants well suffer (Chemerinsky, 2012). Abortion should, therefore, be carried out to save the lives and maintain or improve the living standards of many, instead of focusing on a single individual, the unborn child. Also, it is possible for the mother to have an unwanted pregnancy, either by chance or circumstances, like is the case with rape, and if not given an opportunity to abort, several consequences may arise (Kulczycki, 2011). One of such consequences is that the mother will have mental torture in her life as the child will be making her remember of the problems that she had undergone during the rape ordeal. Additionally, it is possible that the mother can fall pregnant, but unable to raise the child, more so for the underage girls (Ginsburg, & Rapp, 2015). If there is a possibility of little or no support from a reliable source, then they should be given a chance to abort instead of giving birth and then being unable to raise the children. Many American families are in need of adopting a child. Therefore, there is no reason to terminate a life. In that regard, adoption is the alternative that is so viable to abortion. Hence there is no unwanted child. In a civilized society, a woman who has done abortion has intentionally taken or harmed the human life. As per the argument against abortion, life begins at conception so to terminate it is to commit murder. Due to that, abortion defines human life sanctity by committing murder. Other than terminating human life abortion also, lead to medical complications such as the disease of pelvic inflammatory, miscarriages, and double ectopic pregnancies. Instead of the perpetrator to be punished, the unborn children who have not committed any crime are punished through abortion. Therefore, In the case of incest and rape, medical care needs to be issued properly to prevent the unwanted pregnancies.

Every choice has both advantages, disadvantages but it is necessary to focus on their appropriateness in the application in the real life situation, making a decision on whether one should abort or not is not a straightforward issue, and even if it is necessary in some cases, some people may violate the policy. This means that like any other law, after the legalization of abortion, there is a need to have strict measures that can curb its use. Otherwise, many people will use the loophole and force their way to abort unnecessarily, citing pregnancy complication and their lives being at risk as the key reasons as to why they made the decision.


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