Free Essay Defending the Twisted Novel

Published: 2022-05-17
Free Essay Defending the Twisted Novel
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The novel Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson is educative for teenagers because of the proactive approach to dealing with controversial topics faced by teenagers today. Therefore, teenagers will not only become entertained, but they will also acquire skills of dealing with the moral dilemma that they face on a daily basis. Nonetheless, Twisted underwent challenges in Downingtown West High School because some parents raised objections against its use for their children (NCAC STAFF 1). Claiming its contents in sex, suicide and drug abuse were too mature for high school studies. Nonetheless, the book narrations reflect on the reality regarding lives of teenagers, and thus the literature will enlighten teenagers on the strangles related to relationships challenges, family setups, and social status.

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After the dedication page, the writer made an open note that children should not read the book. Most reviewers have accepted that the letter was well placed. Hence, teenagers but the children may learn Twisted. Even though the note does not seem to be a great deal, the book Twisted has resulted in several controversies with a section of the parent seeking for its ban.

The Twisted book was meant for reading by children that were 18 years old undertaking the ninth grade. Nonetheless, some eighth graders already find the book interesting. They already understand the struggles that the character Tyler underwent because they familiarize with them (State University 1). Hence, persons that buy the book Twisted for their children need read it first before handing it over to them thus, clearing out doubts as to the effectiveness of the book for teenagers. Nonetheless, Parents that consider buying the book for teenagers, who post children, need not have problems with the book.

There are numerous brilliant ideas regarding relationships, alcohol, family, and suicide, which will impart knowledge and convey moral dilemma to teenagers. If teenagers are undergoing such challenges, the book will facilitate their reasoning by providing a second chance for them to rethinking their actions. Nonetheless, the book will also be informative to teenagers regarding struggles that their fellow friends undergo be it in the family setup, or in search of social status amongst them.

The view for some parents to object the use of the book for class work does not represent all parents Arizona (State University 1). Hence, there are no sufficient grounds for removing the book that other parents have no problems buying for their teenagers to read. The law gives public school systems the task of administering school curricula that meet educational needs for children and its community. Hence, if a book is educative, teachers have the rights of allowing students to read and learn from them. Therefore, it is improper for parents to select what their children will study and what shall not be studied or on which subjects the public school teachers ought to teach their children or not.

Parents were challenging the book Twisted claim that it uses foul language and covers inappropriate topics of suicide, drug abuse, child abuse and sex. Nonetheless, language use in the novel is not any different from what persons hear from high school students (State University 1). Twisted is thus exquisitely recommended for young readers since it deals with a series of concern amongst teenagers that include social status, alcohol, family, grade, and sex. Additionally, its inclusion in the curricula requires keen attention to themes and subjects of discussion in the book because it suits ninth graders in an educative way as well.

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