Essay Sample on Life-Changing Moment

Published: 2023-02-03
Essay Sample on Life-Changing Moment
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Many factors impact on the life of individuals since their tender age. The environment they are raised in is an example of the factors that shape who a person becomes. At a tender age, children tend to emulate the activities they observe in their environment and are always curious to try them out. It is no surprise that soccer was the primary activity around me when I was young. Soccer has become part of me since the young age. Soccer remains as the most popular sport in the globe and is performed by all genders with diverse expertise (Stolen et al. 501). In this paper, I focus on how soccer has changed my life since the age of four.

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Soccer has been an integral part of my identity since the tender age of four years. I played soccer with my sibling at our backyard when they came home from school. The weekends and the holidays were the best moments since we had all the time to play soccer with my siblings. They would carry me along as they went to community field to play with their friends. Running around and releasing my childhood energy while playing soccer felt magical. As we grew, all my siblings left soccer to pursue their careers, but I carried on and played soccer, which had become a hobby. Little did I know that soccer was a life-changing activity in the future.

At the high school level, I represented my school in tournaments and received several trophies. Winning games and awards felt the best thing ever, especially with the soccer team in high school. Since I would play soccer and meet my sibling's friends from the tender age, I was already confident and very social in high school. I interacted with everyone equally well. During the drills, we worked together in teams helping each other in working out on their weaknesses. We challenged each other's capability and learned to support each other no matter the situation. This greatly helped me in realizing the importance and the strength in teamwork. The teamwork concept was well used in my studies, especially during class assignments and projects. This greatly improved my school performance.

In my eighth grade, I had already made it to the varsity team, and it was such an honor to play with my seniors and display my potential. I received numerous compliments as well as criticisms for my playing skills. The criticisms gave me a chance to reflect on myself and work on my weaknesses, whereas the compliments made me more proud and encouraged me to work harder. The feedback from both teammates and fans allowed me to have a self-reflection on my attributes, my worth, and my contribution not only to the team but also the society.

My passion for soccer was unstoppable. In my varsity level, I had the honor to be the team leader. My team was composed of people of different backgrounds, which made me appreciate diversity and different talents my colleges had. As a leader, I had more responsibilities than I ever thought. My team was looking upon me for moral support, guide, and other activities such as team selection. In avoiding crisis such as an accusation of biasness in team selection, I had to develop leadership skills quickly. The skills would ensure that everyone trusted my leadership and the team's capability. This was and has remained to be the greatest achievement in soccer as my leadership skills grew to be exemplary. Today, I can confidently claim that soccer transformed me to the person I am; a cooperative, open-minded, and a social leader who appreciates diversity.

Work Cited

Stolen, Tomas, et al. "Physiology of soccer." Sports medicine 35.6 (2005): 501-536.

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