Essay Sample on A Class Project on the Case Against Amazon

Published: 2023-04-10
Essay Sample on A Class Project on the Case Against Amazon
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Police and society is a project that am writing with an aim of bringing out all the constitutional issues in the government, effects these constitutional laws has on the law agencies and the society we live in. Also the use of law enforcers in dealing with the illegal acts, their enforcing methods and how effective their methods are to the culprits and how the group is getting affected. The essay below will consider a case on the Amazon Echo, how the two cases was ruled and the impact of the rulings on the community and the legislature in general. The police involvement on the Amazon Echo case will also be a major contribution on the project with specifications of all the influence felt at societal level and government.

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In cases of murder, there are definite conditions that emerge from the beginning of the case. In this project we will rely more on the investigations carried out by law enforcing agencies. Reviewing all the available investigations to assist curb the possible discourages in the application of justice in the expected future. Murder is a rising capital crime which requires a collective action in reducing the crime rate. Inquiries which are empirical in nature and phenomenon in our daily lives is required to deal with murder cases. With an explanation analysis, events fall right into places for the good of people, a group of people or an activity in the state. A case study on this crime will serve as an explanation in a survey. New ideas are expected that form a foundation for other stages of methods of investigations. There is a clear linkage of relationship of persons lives in theory which get illustrations when case studies are involved.

The Case Against Amazon

This is a case about a murder that took place in Arkansas Bentonville in 2015 November. Victor Collins is said to be a former police officer whose body was found dead in a bath tab and was residing together with James Bates. After the investigations, police came up with a case of homicide as there was evidence suggesting struggle between the victim and an unknown individual plus there were broken pieces of bottles. Their home had been moped clean few hours before calling the police and after a post mortem it was ruled out to be a murder case. Collins had been strangled to death and his body had been bruised in different areas which suggested there was a fight between them before dying. At the night of the murder, Collins was in company of two other friends where they were having fun taking beer and watching football at his place.

James Bates called the police in the morning to report the death of his friend Collins. According to James, he left the deceased in the bath tab while him and the other friend went to sleep. His statement was more of an accident as he said Collins drowned to death in the tab which had hot water. The authorities needed clarification on the occurrences of activities in Collins house and a cloud recording will serve them enough recordings to come up with a solid conclusion. Also, cleaning of the house served as a contradiction to James statement and there was a lot to be investigated on. The post-mortem proved that James was lying about the cause Collins death. His contradicting statement made him become a suspect in the murder case of his friend.

Another murder case is that of Christine Sullivan and Jenna Pellegrini in New Hampshire at their home in 2017. The two ladies' death was caused by stabbing in their bodies by one of the ladies' boyfriend. The house had security cameras that recorded Verrill one of the lady's boyfriend entering a house in a t-shirt which was found burying knives in the field. There was evident of him trying to interfere with the cameras and the products he had bought for cleaning were found in the house after the search. The house was programmed with a biometric reader with a high tech technology which only granted three people permission of entrance at the moment. The boyfriend of the victim was among the individuals the biometric readings would grant permission to. This ruled out the possibilities of having other suspects in the case as the house had a high technical programming. There was only one suspect in this case and after thorough investigations it was declared that he committed the crime.

The other possible crime would be the owner of the house but had travelled days before the day the murder was committed. Presence of cameras around made it possible for authorities to have smooth operations in finding the suspect. Everything found at crime scene and the recordings of camera pointed at him. This would speed the case and bring him to justice to curb future criminal offenses he would carry out. These activities might include assaulting the neighbors who might have seen him entering the premise or the owner of the shop where he bought the detergents. Thus administration of justice would help in securing the neighbors, the store owner together with the community at large.

In the 4th Constitution amendments in USA, everyone is expected to be treated equally even in circumstances when they are suspects in illegal acts. The amendment also protects individuals from random searches of their premises without authorities having right warrants of search. Society will directly feel a negative impact in the case of homicide ruling. The lives of friends and family will be disrupted and there will be post-traumatic, depression, anxiety, stress, guilt and a sense of vulnerability amongst themselves. Anger will also develop depending with your closeness with the sentenced individual. The community will develop a sense of pride in the coming days after the ruling on homicide. Business and companies will run normal after the cases and there will definitely be an increase in the production of goods and services, and as a result there will be a rise in the standards of living.

On the ruling, homicide cases earn the guilty individual a life sentence in the prisons. The community will be affected in a way that; crimes rates would decrease as most people don't like being imprisoned. The society will be at peace seeing the criminals being brought to justice and their lives will go back to normal. Also, the public will live freely with the freedom of moving around in cases of jobs and vacations. Sentencing criminals also ensures there is abiding of laws in the community and a reduced need for committing such crimes. The criminals planning to carry out homicide will see the career they are planning to indulge in has no future returns and does not last for long thus will ought to engage in healthier jobs.

Thus, unity and normal running of the society activities will be felt and enjoyed. A feeling of protection will also be felt by everyone left in the community. Society members will live a healthy live helping each other which will turn help in the growth. A satisfied community has a promising future in the development of infrastructures and economy. Where there is cooperation, things fall in the right place without necessarily forcing issues. The police officers will also work in a peaceful environment. With less dramas, a lot of excellent activities will take place with fulfilling outcomes. Most of the time the livelihood of the people in a state will be enjoyable and worth craving for. There will be excellent governance in the cities and all the freedoms will be enjoyed by all the citizens in an equal manner. Productivity of the citizens will be at a peak in a continuous period of time.

When it comes to the enforcers of law, there are benefits that come along with sentencing homicide offenders. First, there will be guarantee of a safe environment and trust of people as they show their capability of protecting people. There will also be favorable working conditions at their stations as culprits are put behind bars. Cooperation of the community and police officers will also be present as there will be an excellent relationship between the two. According to the 5th amendment in the United States constitution, the offenders are acknowledged as innocent till when the evidence will show their actively involvement in crime. Thus the police are left with the option of looking for evidences regarding the crime as testifying against oneself is highly discouraged by the constitution.

This gives the police the sole responsibility of proving the accused guilty which is a win situation on the officers since the disruption of evidence will be minimal. This helps authorities with an ample time to carry out the necessary proceedings needed in solving cases. Giving out timely judgement that is fair in administration to both the society, criminals and judiciary as well without any special consideration or discrimination. The authorities can focus on one case at a time with fewer destructions expected to arise. Instances of misplaced information will be minimal considering when the suspects are involved in testifying. As the constitution promotes safer environments, the judiciary system earns a good reputation within the country and outside the country. There will be peaceful co existing and this environment is welcoming to visitors and investors thus promoting a nation's advancement.

Ethically, the police officers rule in consideration of their lives after duty and how they will be impacted after the sentence of the homicide case. Your rights as a citizen is upheld considering the law and following all the lawful acts upon all the individuals. The police also ensure they use ethics measures in profiling the cases without the use of excessive force as the constitution demands. Confidentiality of the accused is also maintained by the police officers handling the case as they also act with basis of equity. The constitution demands that the accused be treated with dignity and equity since they are not yet convicted. As a result, they act according to the rule of law and the codes of ethics expected by the state. Clearly this ensures there is accountability of actions where the rules are broken and fair judgement on all the parties involved.

The public perception of the police officers after carrying out their investigations and sentencing the homicide crime offender using the ethical codes will increase citizens' belief on law enforcement procedures. The public will increase their dependency level on the law enforcers and cooperate in giving information that might help in such cases. The community will also grow confidence with the judiciary system in their rulings and justice administration. After sentencing the criminals, the police have a guarantee of public participation in dealing with crimes thus easy time for them in their work. Establishing the culprits involved will also be an easy task where everyone plays their roles accordingly.

Personally, I would grant a search warrant for the two cases presented as I would like more investigations to take place in order to determine the actual cause of murder. There are rights for the public dominion presented in a private manner for all the cases including the murder cases. In the above cases, it is a fishing expedition carried out by the police officers as they are examining evidences for proceeding later on. The police officers are not telling the suspects the reason for their search but they are conducting their search. Also, there is an addition need to issue the warrant to search premises reason being the statement given is not enough in ruling out the cause of death. There are other probabilities suggesting otherwise or contradicting the statement given. The circumstances of murder occurrences are questionable with less evidence proving in the statement issued. Also there is closure of cases where you issued warrants. I...

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