3 Suspects Charged with Robbery, Shoplifting & Burglary - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-14
3 Suspects Charged with Robbery, Shoplifting & Burglary - Essay Sample
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An analysis of the scenario involving three suspects is Bubba Hurt, Skeeter Redrum, and Summer Breeze. The charges that apply to them are robbery and shoplifting. Thus are serious offenses that attract a legal action; hence the police will charge the three suspects for burglary crime (FindLaw, 2020). Their crimes involve intentionally hiding three dozens of socks with no plan of paying for them hence denying the owner his products forever. Furthermore, these are criminal offenses since the three men had legal rights to claim ownership of the goods stolen. The records of Mr. Clifford Tonnell affirms the crime committed since the security officer was the eye witness in the shoplifting crime. The security officer saw Bubba Hurt hide the socks in his pants and Skeeter Redrum hiding two dozen socks in Summer Breeze's purse.

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The Criminal Code for the State of Georgia: Title 16 Crimes and Offenses stipulates that such crime is punishable by detainment in prison for a period between one to ten years if the stolen good is worth more than $ 300 (FindLaw, 2020). Mr. Clifford, the store owner, confirms that his inventory showed that 36 and 24 socks worth $ 432 and $ 240 respectively were missing. The data correlates with the number of socks stolen hence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that they were the thieves. A quick calculation shows that the total amount of goods stolen is 672 dollars, which surpasses 300 dollars. Thus, offenders are liable for imprisonment. However, the State Law of Georgia has a provision that allows the suspect to pay a cash bail of not less than 250 dollars to avoid detainment (FindLaw, 2020). The three suspects are lucky since they are first time offenders; hence they might get a lenient sentence in the end (FindLaw, 2020).

An Evaluation to Determine If the Three Men Were Amateur Thieves or Professional Criminals

After a careful examination of the crime scene, I have come to a solid conclusion that these crimes get committed by amateurs criminals - because of the following reasons which affirm my conclusion. First, no one was reporting any injury due to an encounter with the three suspects. Thus, the observation shows that the criminals were probably starting; hence they operated in fear. However, professional criminals would have hurt or killed the security officer after spotting them. There is no professional thief who would want any person to identify them during an investigation. Additionally, professional crime would probably cover their face to avoid getting noticed by people and the CCTV cameras.

The suspects handled themselves after discovering that the security officer had seen them show they were amateurs. Professional thieves usually have an elaborate plan to escape the premise if the police burst them. Moreover, professionals would have a plan that allows others to be on the lookout as the second group continues to steal. However, all three men were walking close together, thus attracting a lot of attention since they looked suspicious. Furthermore, it is easy for three men walking together to get caught compared to a scenario where a group of people is spread out.

Professional criminals are always determined to steal even if there security personnel within the premises. However, the three suspects quickly fled after noticing the security man because of the fear of being caught. Therefore, had they been professional thieves, the three men could have stood their ground and pull out a weapon after encountering the security officer. The evidence suggests that the three men decided to steal since they believe there was no one watching them. Hence, these three men's character differs from professional thieves who usually require the use of force before they surrender.

Finally, the main reason it became so easy to catch these men is the proximity of their neighborhood to the store. However, professional thieves usually have an elaborate plan which involved committing their crime in another town farther from where they live. Therefore, it is correct to conclude that the three men are amateurs, thieves, learning to steal.

Criminal Typology Could Be Applied To the Suspects

As witnessed by the security officer, Bo Foot, the offense committed by the three suspects falls under the category of shoplifting in the criminal topology. The State Law of Georgia alludes to this kind of crime as burglary crime. The State of Georgia refers to shoplifting as a criminal offense in which an individual takes other people's property without consent (FindLaw, 2020). Thus, the State of Georgia instituted Laws to address the issue of shoplifting as a criminal topology. The legal measures in Georgia differ from other regions since different states categorize this kind of crime under their general laws of burglary. These kinds of crimes usually lead to losses among businesses in the United States, even though many States treat the action as minor offenses that deserve lenient punishment. For instance, recent data shows that a normal shoplifter can steal goods worth $200, and such acts lead to losses of up to $ 13 billion annually (HG.org, n.d).

The criminal topology has two fundamental aspects of shoplifting: intentionally taking and hiding products sold at the store and denying the store owner the rights to his goods without paying for them. The case is proven by suspects' act of picking three dozens of socks, hiding them in the pants of one guy, and planning to walk out with the products without paying. Thus, it categorizes the three suspects as shoplifters since they intentionally attempted to take products that were not secured. The three men are crafty shoplifters since they planned on stealing a couple of socks being sold since they thought there was no one on the lookout.


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