Rhetorical Analysis Sample of the Essay on Mass Shootings by Adam Gopnik

Published: 2022-09-09
Rhetorical Analysis Sample of the Essay on Mass Shootings by Adam Gopnik
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The content of the Article

The essay on mass shootings (2007) by Adam Gopnik provides a highlight of the mass shooting that happened in Virginia Tech. The shooting led to the loss of 33 people who were residing in the Virginia Tech Building including those who involved in the shooting. It is one of the shocking mass shooting ever seen in America and it is the incident which led to the legislation of gun control law (Selina, 2018). It also led to the enforcement of gun control law in America. The incident of the mass shooting took place because there was no law that guides the citizen on how to use their rifle.

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American Society Perspective

The first approach is for the American Society while the other is for a global perspective. American society relates to factors that cause mass shooting. It makes an attempts to examine the incident and come into conclusion that gun shooting in America is higher than any other place. It, therefore, shows that there is no multi-dimensional approach.

Global perspective

Global perspective indicates that it is only America that has lunatic people but they can also be found in other countries (Selina, 2018). The problems which as associated with such incidences include mental illnesses, pressure on the students and alienation of students from other countries. These issues are therefore found in other parts of the World. Ranking America, the highest in terms of gun control as compared to other nations indicates that there are weaknesses in the gun control laws of America as compared to other nations.

The reason why America is failing in taking precautionary Approach

Another important idea presented by Adam is the reason why America cannot take precautionary measures to control gun shooting. Although those who have been wounded get healed and the pain that people who have lost their loved ones fade, it does not mean that the problem should continue. It is important to take appropriate step to control the problem by implementing gun control laws.


Rhetorical situation

It is easy to discover the type of writing the author has used through rhetoric analysis, the reader the author targets, what the author wants the readers to hear and his position. It also helps in the understanding of constraints for the reader and the author and the general exigence that provide guidance to the writing.

Format of Writing

Adam selected to write the paper in essay form (Selina, 2018). The paper was written in an organized and formal format indicating that he wanted it to affect many people that has various views. He was seeking for the attention of political leaders and other state officials who can alter gun control regulations and the citizens that could support that law.


The lifting of the ban on assault weapon

The author has the belief that the expired ban on assault weapons need to be lifted or make it strict. Adam states that "despite the fact that we cannot assure anybody that there will be no further shooting with automatic rifle and through the control of semi-automatic pistol, cannot lower the likelihood killing people with the bullet". It is just a matter of prevention but not stopping such acts at all (Selina, 2018). He has a strong belief on the ban of gun control law as a result of self-defense. The author explains to the public that there is no need to have guns because for very many decades it has been a source of different problems that happen in most parts of the World.

Work Cited

E. M. Kerr, Selina. "Virginia Tech Shooting." Gun Violence Prevention? 2018, pp. 73-92.

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