Free Essay: A Job Applicant's Social Media Postings

Published: 2023-02-27
Free Essay: A Job Applicant's Social Media Postings
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The use of social media plays a vital role in capturing several individuals who are seeking a job daily. The main aim of this paper is to keenly show the employer's importance of considering social media job applicants in terms of the hiring and firing process.

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However, here are some different views concerning social media job applicants individuals. They include;

Social media can show a candidate's skills - For one to ensure growth in a specific community plus reaching new customers, one should ensure that there is enough development of a strategy relating to social media. For one to be successful in social media, there is a need for having a unique dexterity set. When making a selection of social media, one has to ensure that the professionals have both soft skills and focus. The presence of soft skills will provide a room necessary for active engagement with people online. Through social media, a job applicant can prove his/her best field through the presence of a Curriculum vitae. As an employer, there a room for social interviewing about the nature of the applicant, and the employer will able to depict advantageous traits about the employer.

Employers can minimize legal risks if they know the background of a candidate - Talent management and talent acquisition both usually require enormous resources and time. Therefore there is a need for having diligence before conveying an innovative chartering on board. One should ensure that the person whom he/she is ready to hire is the exact person who claims to be. This includes making a confirmation on what the individual has started on his/her curriculum vitae from work experience to education background. Through proof of the applicant's qualification, an employer can ensure that there are reduced legal risks that may occur in his/her organization. In business, a social media applicant can have an adequate room for making clear explanations to the employer of his/her abilities concerning the company. The applicant will be able to explain himself/herself about her nature and qualifications about business.

It is not illegal to check applicant's social media pages - Even after making any job offer, there can be an impact on employment when it comes to online social networking. However, before making any personnel action, an employer should be convinced that an appraisal of the operational possessions and enchanting that adversative activities are legitimate. An employer who is willing to employ different job applicants in their job has the right to go through the pages of applicants purposely to get enough information about the applicant. Thus the act of employer going through the pages is a legal action. To have already qualified individuals, an applicant should provide clear explanations plus further allow/disallow employers' access to his/her pages.

Employers should screen using social media candidates - Making an ignorance in the screening process is often an overreaction. There can be minimal legal risks, and maximum benefits on the business maximized. Some content that may be posted can be legitimately put into considerations to either detriment or benefit a candidate. Screening is one significant conduct that an employer should consider while making an adequate decision on the employees meant to be part of the organization. Large numbers of employers can ensure that there is a minimal number of risks that may occur in a business organization (Cassidy, 2016). Screening activity is considered as a sufficient room for understanding an individual's perspective about work. Screening is usually done immediately after making any conduct of a job interview but before making any extension about a job offer. Thus an employer will be able to recognize at what time/moment a person can be fired in an organization.

Employers should conduct a slight interview session with the applicant on social media- Hiring and recruitment functions is usually done by the managers purposely for filling open positions that may be left out to figure what are the relevant jobs required. A good employer before making any arrangements for creating a social media applicant a member of her organization. There is a need for conducting a slight interview on social media with the applicant (Drouin, O'Connor, Schmidt, & Miller, 2015). All job postings by employers should always include appropriate equal employment opportunities for the applicants; also, there must be an affirmation of the action tagline about the job. More so, any postings must be out in retention like any other documents meant for hiring documents as a requirement by the law.

In conclusion, as an employer, there is a need for making proper identifications of the individuals who may be aiming at becoming one of the employees in the organization. Social media applicants should make sure that all about themselves is indicated on social media. Also, he/she should make sure that individuals whom he is up to employ are familiar with the work offered in the organization.


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