Free Essay on the Syrian War: Aggression in Current Events

Published: 2017-11-06
Free Essay on the Syrian War: Aggression in Current Events
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Many have lost their lives, and others are still dying as others have been displaced since the Syrian war started. Despite the efforts of other countries to save these countries, it has been hard to conduct peace negotiations. The situation has been addressed on different media platforms with everyone demonstrating frustrations and anger on how the people are dying and efforts to bring back peace are hitting a dead end. Most of the articles completed by media proves how frustrating is the Syrian situation. The Syrian war has turned out to be a social problem, with the situatin toching everyone. It is sad to see children and women dying and we do not have a way to help them even when we really wish to do that. The main aim of this paper is to select an article that demonstrates the definition of aggression, instrumental aggression, frustration, displacement, social learning theory, catharsis, and crowding. The article that will be used in this case is Syria: The story of the conflict that was written on the 11th of March 2016 by the BBC news.

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Aggression is the act of having violent behaviors that have a negative impact on the lives of people (Baron & Richardson, 2004). Aggression in the article is portrayed in a way the Syrian people are being killed without help and no one can protect them. According to the article, there are incidences where people are shot openly with the use of explosives that have killed many people (BBC, 2016). Instrumental aggressive is an act of violent actions with a reward at the end such as robbery (Baron & Richardson, 2004). From the article, this is portrayed he Pro-democracy conducted a violent demonstration with the aim that President Assad will resign s a president and pave way for someone else (BBC, 2016). There is also frustration, which is a state of being annoyed and confused (Hauck, 1974). The picture of a man carrying an injured girl is a devastating image. The man is frustrated and crying helplessly not knowing what he should do with the young girl. These people are also frustrated as they do not what may come their way tomorrow, as one of the mother states in the article “We're just living on the edge of life. We're always nervous; we're always afraid” (BBC, 2016).

Displacement is also another issue that has been discussed in the paper. The Syrians are displaced from their homes. The article explains how the many Syrians have been separated from their homes and they are now living far away in neighboring countries where they are safe. According to the article, over 4.5 million people have left Syria since the conflict started mainly children and women to the neighboring countries Turkey and Jordan. They are also 6.5 million people who have been displaced internally with 1.2 driven out of their homes (BBC, 2016).

Social learning theory is the learning process that takes place in a social context through observing all the activities that are going on around us (Bandura, 1977). This implies that as we socialize in life, as human beings we have the capacity to learn about different things that affect our lives in one way or the other. In the article, there is a lot that is going on in Syria as a country, and although it may be hard for the fighters to understand the impact, this has on the society, reading the article has a significant impact on the mind and imagination of an individual. For instance, there are 13.5 Syrians who need humanitarian help since they are living in areas where they cannot access water or any life-saving aid (BBC, 2016).

Residing in Syria is a nightmare especially to those individuals who are still there as they are not sure what may happen. It is for this reason that many of them are struggling to be out of Syria to go to a place where they will be sure their life is safe and this is a concept of Catharsis (Abdulla, 1985). Moving out of Syria is a relief to many as they tend to believe they are safe from the dangers that they were facing. While out of Syria, one knows he/she is safe and breaths a sign of relief knowing he is safe from danger. As a result, the Syrians are forced to move to the neighboring countries just to have the peace of mind (BBC, 2016). Lastly, with over 6.5 million people moving out of Syria, it implies that the neighboring countries like Turkey are facing the problem of crowding (Loo, 1974). This is a situation where there are so many people in a single place that result in cases of the inefficiency of basic needs. The article addresses the movement of individuals out of Syria and crowding to the neighboring countries (BBC, 2016).


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