Analytical Reading Reflection Paper Sample

Published: 2019-10-08
Analytical Reading Reflection Paper Sample
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Education in urban is more sophisticated since urban areas expand and demographics continues to shift at rapid rates. Schools are classified as urban because of the characteristics associated with the school and the people in them without basing on the larger social context of where the school and district are located (Pink, 2007). Classifying school as urban regardless of their physical location is often interpreted and portrayed negatively. Urban dwellers are mostly imagined as cosmopolitan, open-mid and perhaps most important and progressive. The brutality of police against people of colour is documented in urban that are Los Angeles and New York (Pink, 2007). Therefore, racially problems are very high in urban areas since other races denied freedom from by whites. With that regards, the focus of this essay is to discuss the impacts of urban space to teachers, effects of racism on education system and what teachers can do in classroom to make the community reimagine the urban.

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The aspects of race, culture and politics in urban areas influences teachers. Due to immigration, most of the urban areas made up of all the races increasing the level of racism. As a teacher in urban area this affected me in various mays since I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York dealing with other races in urban areas will be difficult. With high level of racism, people with colour are marginalised in urban schools since they are sophisticated. The marketing strategies to promote diversification the pictures of the blacks used by the universities to attract them in those universities (Pink, 2007). Supreme Court decision supports racial consideration during admission process as well as the rationale behind maintaining affirmative action in education in general. Black people in urban areas face high cases of police brutality due to high level of racism that makes them feel discriminated by the whites. Popular misconception is that multiculturalism is a positive tool for students of colour or worse as dividing the nation in urban setting the signifier diverse as most of the schools teachers describe them in black or Latino student population. Through diversification, there is assumption that urban and multicultural schooling transforms into an education for the student of colour (Pink, 2007). Therefore, rarely do teachers describe an equally white suburban, school as diverse or that multiculturalism or race-based pedagogies may enrich their education and social experience. On the other hand, the whites prefer multicultural education as advantage for them as they broaden their diversity and expand their notion of humanity making them appear open, tolerant and sophisticated. Urban dwellers are cosmopolitan and open-minded in politics. Being bilingual teacher there is much political pressure since in case of violence being attacked is something that frightens me. For example after election in 2004, there was legitimacy of bilingualism in schools and public places. Despite this onslaught to discredit public schools, they are the last institutions to leave the urban setting (Pink, 2007).

Effects of image urban jungle on the education system and the educator. The perception of people over urban jungle is that city centers is teeming with blacks, brown and yellow bodies that are poor and dirty, criminal and dangerous. Gangs, violence and drugs are closely tied on any image of the urban (Pink, 2007). Due to this, many people subscribe to the racist notion that urban areas are jungles and believing that spending money on urban schooling is a waste. Since they do not see any hope in children in urban areas. They suggest that instead of thinking of resources spent on people of colour as a waste they ought to allow all the potential and talented people of colour to go unused is true societal. The system of education is affected since attitude about bilingualism is wrought with contradiction. Since many people in the United States glamorize bilingualism when attained through study at elite European universities but denigrate it when immigrants languages maintained ate home (Pink, 2007). As a teacher of bilingual, am highly affected, due to lack of moral support from the management and community at large.

Measures to make the community reimagine about the urban. During my lessons, can advise all the races the importance of learning the second language to individual and community in general (Pink, 2007). By having knowledge on another language, the level of racism will reduce in the urban centers hence creating positive reputation about urban areas. On the other hand, encourage the blacks to have positive image of the urban and concentrates in their studies and avoid blackmails from fellow whites.

In conclusion, life in urban areas is more sophisticated that makes many people to have negative perception about it. The level of racism is very high in urban centers due to immigrants in America. Aspects of racism, culture and politics affects education in urban centers since the population large and they are from difference races making it hard to unite them since urban dwellers are sophisticated and seems to know everything. The education system highly affected by perception of people about the urban as a jungle since they thinking schooling in urban areas is wasting of money. This can be addressed by introduction of compulsory bilingual lessons to discourage racism in urban centers where blacks and Latinos are mistreated.


Pink, W. T. (2007). International handbook of urban education: 1. Dordrecht: Springer.

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