When Is A Drug Not A Drug - Article Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-06-01
When Is A Drug Not A Drug - Article Review Essay Sample
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"When is a Drug Not a Drug?" is an article that addresses different perspectives on the implications of a drug and its association to surrounding circumstances. Through the definition of the writing, it presents vital shreds of information by representing numerous instances. In various details relating to the article, it renders enormous information as it strives to define the terms behind the aspects of its topic among other occurrences through answering given questions relating to the issue. Moreover, it helps in the delivery of answers concerning the concerns within the article. For example, it elaborates the differing perspectives of steroid and painkillers together with answering the race issues related to drug use in sports (King et al., 2014).

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Within the article, it employs the use of genealogical approach meant to provide explorations under the conditions and junctures in the uneasy silence around the increasing usage of painkillers in the National Football League. As such, the article embarks on an interrogation concerning the use of pain relievers in the contemporary game. In the examination, it focuses on the racialized, gendered, along with other confessions from retired players aware of the events relating to painkiller misuse in the context of the sports. Furthermore, it argues that these silencing moments are a system of similar conformity relating to the abuse of painkillers in sports. In the method, it provides an excellent service especially in the structuring of emerging cases of misuse of painkillers in the NFL.

Also, it delivers concepts related to Favre's admission that is working to appease the conditions surrounding the drug issue in the league among other cases involved with the implicit knowledge regarding the painkiller usage. Instead, the intervention is rendering enforcement on the cultures of toughness and maintaining silence in the professional football which brings the definition of the topic relating to silences and unsettling painkillers in the NFL. Majorly, the article provides most of the information on painkiller usage and the NFL by referencing Brett Lorenzo Favre who played in the NFL for almost 19 years.

However, as a critique of the article, it does not deliver the definition on its title. Since the material settles most of its studies to previous athletes and their legacy, it implicates understanding regarding the concepts of painkiller usage. Also, this article fails to present a definite and precise response to the questions "When is a drug, not a drug?" instead, the writing settles that the implication around the problem depends. It is inherent to deliver actual recognitions since they help in understanding the best approach concerning painkiller use in the National Football League which the article fails to articulate.

With the differing perspective of steroids and painkillers, it delivers the view that steroids have been viewed as illegitimate regardless of their ingestion conditions. Different from steroids, painkillers raise concerns based on how they are ingested and procured. Thus, in consideration to the perspectives, there are other practices delivering distinctions between the painkillers and steroids. These distinctions may not include the effects of the drugs but rather encompass the exemplary methods that entail playing through pain under the use of medications as unfair.

Similarly, race issues related to medicine converge between the cases whereby the consumption of these painkillers and steroids by athletes in the NFL is frequently based on racial mobilizations. Also, within other structures, racialization is associated with the drug use whereby legitimacy and illegitimacy are always a distinction or subject to the happening evident through various cases where some athletes are viewed more critically than others.


King, S., Carey, R. S., Jinnah, N., Millington, R., Phillipson, A., Prouse, C., & Ventresca, M. (2014). When is a drug not a drug? Troubling silences and unsettling painkillers in the National Football League. Sociology of sports journal, 31(3), 249-266.

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