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Published: 2018-03-12 21:02:05
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Positive and negative influences of social media

The evolution of new technology has brought a modern era of connection. The development of computer as well as internet paved the way for the social media platforms. Currently, we have more than fifty social media platforms, the common ones being, facebook, twitter, Instagram, Badoo, Youtube and many more. Besides corporation inventing the social media platforms, even some individuals have converged their attention towards developing their social media platforms; some are charged while others are free. As these social media increases, the substantial impact is felt in the society as people interact with one other regardless of their social background, ethnicity or religious believes. The following essay will seek to bring a concrete understanding of the influence of the social media to the youth both.

Firstly, social media has promoted the exchange of information and ideas. Researchers can interact in the social media on how they are conducting their researchers and what they have found; this makes people in the society to learn about some new ideas faster as the information can travel from one continent to another more quickly.

Secondly, social media helps people to connect in the society. Many people who sign up to the social media have the aim of ensuring that they get connected to the world, whereby they can get into contact with their relatives, friends, colleagues, soul mates, and organizations. Social media has allowed people to share their memories with their friend to exchange their progress in life and know each other’s whereabouts.

Thirdly, social media promotes social evils,; since there are no universal laws that regulate the social media platforms, some individuals with the malicious intention of ruining the society might take the advantage to share information in the form of images, videos or statements that will affect the moral attention of the society. For instance, the spread of pornographies, and images expressing violence influence the minds of the viewers making them to be immoral and do undesirable behaviors.

Fourthly, social media leads to procrastination; it is estimated that most of the delays in the companies operation and other general organization are promoted by procrastination which is led by the addictive use of social media. Most of the people who are social media users tend to develop some habitual behaviors such that, they always want to know what is the latest talk in the town while forgetting their obligations. In the long term, this leads to unsatisfied clients as well as financial loss to the company without forgetting ruining its reputation.

Decisively, as provided in the following essay, the following essay has given both the positive and negative influence the social media has had on the society. We cannot end without applauding to the positive impact it has brought, regardless of others misusing it. Indeed social evils have spread because of social media and corporations as well as individuals have wasted a lot of time connecting with people through social media. If people will learn self-discipline while using social media, more positive impact will be felt than the negative ones.


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