What Is Good Public Speaking? Paper Example

Published: 2023-01-13
What Is Good Public Speaking? Paper Example
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What is good public speaking?

For a person to be termed as a good public speaker, they have to speak in a manner that is natural, they have to engage the audience in their speech, create emphasis on the main points of the speech, including signals and word transitions they also have to include tonal variation and create a warm, hospitable environment for his audience. Public speaking can either be verbal or non-verbal. Most of the time, verbal means are used, and the voice of the speaker should be audible to ensure that the audience will not struggle to grasp what he is saying. The speaker should not speak too fast for his audience. As the speaker is speaking, they should regularly pose to ensure that the audience has time to digest what has been said. The speaker should be very articulate in the way that he speaks. Including facial expressions also helps to make the speech interesting because the audience can relate to what the speaker is saying.

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Strengths and Weaknesses as a speaker

As a public speaker, the strengths are that a person is now able to remember some of the most interesting things that a person should consider everything as an argument. The next thing is to establish that which is more reasonable than the other. This then enables a person to come up with an argument drafted toward achieving a solution to the problem. This comes up after being able to understand that there are different forms of argument for example; an argument by analogy, an argument that has a cause, an argument based on authority and one that is based on a definite sign, they can also be based on narratives or the various definitions Argumentation. As a good public speaker, the language styles I have been able to understand and apply the basic C's of language style. They help a person to ensure that the language is clear, concise; it is culturally sensitive, correct, colourful, and concrete. In addition to that, it should be complete and use the various styles of language, for example, metaphor, hyperbole, personification and other figures of speech Style and Language. The weaknesses are that at the time a person may encounter challenges in trying to make their presentation since the requirements are that the presentation should be arranged in order. Having a presentation that involves both an effective style and proper arrangement may be difficult for some who may find that even pronunciation and organization skills are poor. In instances requiring slides, some may make dull slides not visible and also presentations that are boring to the audience.

In dealing with the weaknesses, a person will be able to practice is not able to pronounce words appropriately. Also when it comes to matters of presentations, I will be in a position to arrange the presentation in chronological, considering the amount of space that one has organized according to topics, and considering the cause and effect of the topic and also the problem that is to be addressed. In the relevant instances where a comparative study is required, a person is required to include it to cover the discussion in a manner that is appropriate and concise. For the presentation to be effective to the audience, there has to be an effect that is caused by the audience. The speaker should include examples to help the audience to relate to the topic that they are discussing. It is also important to include personal opinions that will also help to help the audience to understand the topic.

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