Social Media Influence Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-06
Social Media Influence Essay Sample
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Influence of social media

Social media helps youth to develop awareness about the society and the world this awareness is important to groom our youth's generation and to be social responsible people in future. Development of social skills such as expounding their social life while developing new friendship other benefits include confidence and literacy. A source of inspiration when they watch their favourite actors like ' vin diesel' and various famous actors in various movies and so many celebrities. Motor skills are enrich by them playing video games others will eventually learn and develop new video games. Reading and writing skills will be developed since many youth look up to many celebrities and if they see them in a movie talking they will in turn try to emulate them by talking like them thus improving their language.

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On the other hand youth will be exposed to negative effects of social media such as making violence normal to them video games and movie violence is so scary but youth like such things thus becoming a reality to them. Sexual risky behaviours since teens are discovering their sexual identity and thus seeing them in social media they will be confused and without sexual responsibility they will act irresponsibly. Obesity chances of youth to grow fat is very high because they really do practises instead they eat and sit down watching TV and playing video games. Low scores in schools since they spend most of their time on social media instead of finishing their home work and research they are given in school. Distorted body images since there are this features such as photo shop many youth will not expose their true identity thus fooling others by posting different photos of their bodies. Hate speech will be highly practised by youth in social media. Cyber bully many will bully others since they know it is difficult for them to be punished. Cyber stalking victims always complain that they are been watched by others and monitored by may be their ex boyfriends or girlfriends to see if they have moved on with other persons. Sharing too much thus privacy of an individual will not be possible. Social grooming most people will tend to open fake Facebook accounts and try to lure the youth to be their friend thus sexually exploiting them. Emotional implication especially youth who are having low self esteemed and thus they can judge their success according to the number of friends they have in Facebook. Interpersonal skill will lack youth who spend most of the time with virtual relations will eventually substitute it with real one. Explicit youth who spend most time in social media will encounter virtual violence such as the violence around the word.body image social media will greatly influence how many youth will dress like the actors they watch in TV. Drug abuse youth will try out of curiosity to get themselves to use drugs thus they will be addicts of drugs. Hacking, many youth will try to hack personal data and share the same data over the internet thus the victims will suffer so much. Addiction social media is so addictive thus large amount of time is wasted. Reputation social media will easily ruin someone's reputation when a false story is created. Relationship and cheating issues since most youth propose to each other over social media such relationships does not last since they will realise they made wrong choice when choosing the partner.

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