Healthcare Essay Sample: Interdisciplinary Care Providers

Published: 2022-06-27
Healthcare Essay Sample: Interdisciplinary Care Providers
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Multidisciplinary care provision involves the collaboration of various disciplines in ensuring that the patients get better service in the private and government sector. The partnership ranges from lab testing services, pharmaceutical manufacturers, to the many various types of hospitals (Bender, Connelly & Brown, 2013). Such a plan for care ensures that the patient's needs are satisfied. With the current sophistication of patient needs, there is a need for integrating skills to improve efficiency. There are management services, staffing services that meet the requirements of healthcare facilities, such as nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities. Health care providers work with companies who provide software, information technology services for data processing to help operate in the healthcare sector.

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Interdisciplinary Care Providers

The care providers include nurses, surgeons, an expert in electronic information, clinical genetic expert, support service provider, process coordinator, resource manager and referral guide (Bender, Connelly & Brown, 2013). The provision for coordination requires communication between the care providers. For instance, the care providers can meet every morning or at the incision of any process to discuss the requirements for problem-solving in respect to the immediate case. The various departments also work together and inform each other of the patient's progress. The rehabilitation department requires information from the nurses on the patients' health status and vice versa.

When it comes to the service portion of the healthcare industries the services are provided by men and women who have chosen to dedicate their lives to helping others. In the healthcare industries, there are nurses, doctors, and numerous sources of people that provide quality care to patients. Depending on the services that are needed to care for the patients they offer specialist doctors to assist the patient further. The healthcare industries have some many different options when it comes to treatment for patients. For Mental Illness disorders, there are mental institutions that treat patients an assistant them with the daily issues that caused their psychological breakdown. The hospitals that offer these treatments will provide food, medical help, and counseling.

Care Provision Services

Rehabilitation is designed to help an individual to get back to daily living and improving skills needed to function due to an injury or illness. Rehabilitation offers a wide range of services that include "occupational and physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and psychiatric rehabilitation services in a variety of inpatient or outpatient settings" (Bender, Connelly & Brown, 2013). Rehabilitative providers offer a wide range of rehabilitation for patients; the most common types of rehabilitation provided are physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation. These product services help patients recover from a physical injury, such as orthopedic surgery, or any physical injury that has caused an individual have decreased body or joint function. The goal of any rehabilitation is for the patient to return their social environment with the combination of medical care and rehabilitation (Bender, Connelly & Brown, 2013).

Rehabilitative services focus on occupational therapy; Occupational therapy goal is to help people to regain the skills to need to return to their normal daily activities, such as their occupation or returning home through therapeutic therapy. Occupational services enable people in all stages of life to have a better life safeguarded from injury and illnesses (Lancaster, Kolakowsky, Kovacich & Greer, 2015). Regaining the ability to use walk upstairs, getting dressed, feeding, or learning to use an adaptive device are services that occupational providers provide. Helping a child or elderly adult have the ability to live and maintain the quality of life is the goal for rehabilitative providers.

Another health care provider that provides services and products to the growing population of elderly in American is the elderly care or also known as hospice care and palliative care. According to Lancaster (2015), elderly care deals with preventing needless pain and distress for terminally ill patients and their families. High emphasis is placed on patient dignity and comfort. Hospice care organizations provide the elderly care and also palliative care, the elderly care services offers palliative service care to help an individual stay comfortable as possible, by helping to manage pain and symptoms that are uncomforting related to a disease or illness and maintain the person's quality of life. Hospice providers also provide services to family members; this includes psychological, social and spiritual support for the patient and family (Lancaster, Kolakowsky, Kovacich & Greer, 2015). The elderly services are offered to patients in the privacy and comfort of their own homes or healthcare facility, such as long-term care nursing home.

In a vast and expanding health care system, the need for rehabilitative providers and the elderly care providers provide a valuable services and products that are need in today's health care system, with the baby boomers entering their late 60's, they now require more care and utilization of rehabilitation and the elderly care (Lancaster, Kolakowsky, Kovacich & Greer, 2015). A patient who receives rehabilitation services have a higher chance of full recovery and returning to an active lifestyle. Occupational and physical rehabilitation provides services to those who need to respond to a high quality of life. The elderly care providers have a goal to provide palliative and hospice care for patients who are suffering due to a life ending illness and provide support to the family during the care and bereavement support when the patient has passed on.


There are different ways to approach situations for the elderly when it comes to how you would like for your family member to spend their last days. End- of -Life care can be in hospice care, home aid care, or even a general hospital setting. There are some many ways a health care provider can assist patients and their family member in the time of need for medical care (Laura, 2010). During the research on health care providers and the products was a very informative research paper. There were so many different elements as to mental illness and how they affect the brain. The structure for how health care providers can for the patients with mental illness and the resources they provide are extremely great. The concept and the plan that is prepared when thinking of end-of-life care is extremely exceptional. There are so many options when considering end-of-life care for a family member. The overall information given from this paper was an eye-opener to the endless possibilities of health care.


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