Free Essay Sample: The Worst Threats to Humanity

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Essay Sample: The Worst Threats to Humanity
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The threads attempt to answer the question, of what is the greatest threat that humanity encounters in his existence and its causes. The first thread claims that environmental threats are more rampant and affect individuals more than other threats. These environmental threats include thunderstorms, lightning and floods to communities. It has been stated that, natural phenomena significantly affects the lives of individuals as it affects normal functions such as food, energy production and production dynamics in such a way that combination of these factors worsens an already shaky geopolitical situation causing serious challenges.

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Studies suggest that the worst threats to humanity can be measured using the following criteria. The worst threats are identified by how they affect the functionality of different sectors of the public therefore hindering the society from moving towards goals of sustainability. Secondly, a threat is termed as serious if it has consequences whose effects are felt over a long period of time. Additionally, terrible threats have irreversible consequences, difficult to change and they have the potential to damage the world's support system (National Security Council, 1999) There are three approaches to identify the severity of a threat using the criteria.

The first approach involves using environmental oriented analysis by ranking hazards with respect to the extensiveness of their magnitudes, that is, the human health effects involved, effects on the ecosystem, and results on materials and productivity. Also, analysts utilize a framework that presents shared setbacks to growth in different sectors. Finally, analysts identify the hazards arising from the various dealings of different sectors (Allen & Jain, 1992)According to studies, for most countries water and air pollution are top of the threats list. In the case of most industrialized nations, the major threat environmentally is ozone layer depletion and climate change. On the other hand, many developing countries suffer from scarcity of food or floods, various disease outbreaks, and the unavailability of basic survival resources. The analysis suggests that global environmental problems now and the future are largely affected by the circumstances of the region (David, William, & Vernon, 1994)The next thread speaks on the issue of faith that God protects us from all weapons fashioned against us. The statement is true however, while we are in the world there are natural disasters that happen due to man's actions and his neglect of the environment. Others are caused by our poor management of resources and planning. We have to use our resources in a more sustainable manner in order for us to protect our future (Heal, 1998)


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