Printing Advertising Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-22
Printing Advertising Essay Sample
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What is printed media

Print advertising entails use of physically printed media to advertise aiming to attract potential customers and retain existing customers through magazines, newspapers, social media platforms, mobile advertisements, banners and posters.

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Print advertising has been a widely used means of linking producers, however this has gradually changed following digital media advancement. Newspaper firms are gradually being overtaken by social media platforms which are a cheaper and faster means of advertising which reaches the large majority of customers at minimal to no cost in comparison to newspapers where advertisers part with lots of money for printed advertisements. Antin, (2004) covers this in his publication.

Print advertising is also facing extinction due to rise of bloggers who form major platforms for advertising drawing subscribers with common interests hence a viable prospective market. This draws a wide population from newspaper thereby leading to closure of some printing bureaus. This has occurred in the States where newspaper bureaus jilted printing editions and went completely digital. As a result circulation of newspapers has dropped. Meaning most prospects can be targeted on digital platforms.

Print advertising has in the past favoured those companies with more money to purchase leads meaning more customers. This however changed with the coming of social media which was embraced by the wider population as money does not matter but rather time, effort and customer relations for one to acquire and maintain customers. This has lead to a drop in demand for print media advertising (Bos & Shepard, 2002).

Print media advertising especially through magazines is usually static and not flexible as changes or errors pertaining advertisements can only be adjusted in the next edition. This is contrary to eBooks where any changes are easily adjusted as frequent as the advertiser deems fit (Bos & Shepard, 2002).

With the growing online population, most advertisers feel its ironical to pay for newspaper advertisements for a few hours yet in social media platforms it can stay for as long as they please.

With digitalization, televisions have become the main news source compared to print media. Hence big companies advertise through television using commercials attracting more customers.

Digitization has led to the gradual fade of reading culture of the print media hence just a certain percentage will get to see advertisements in print media. Also it is quite hard to measure effectiveness of the advertisements on print media hence advertisers will prefer social media platforms where there is an interaction with their customers and prospects hence easier to know if advertising is effective. These are just but a few reasons why print media may be on the verge of obsolescence (Antin, 2014).

However, according to Plessis, (2004) much print media advertising is declining, it will never become obsolete as some people still prefer newspapers, magazines, posters and burners as they are not either conversant with digital methods, not able to access tablets and smartphones or finally unwilling to venture the digital world. Hence advertisers cannot completely abandon print advertising as they will lose such customers. Also there is an elite population that prefers reading magazines, newspapers, posters and ads therefore advertisers cannot ignore such groups.


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