Incivility in Nursing - Free Essay

Published: 2019-05-16
Incivility in Nursing - Free Essay
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Incivility is the act of performing rude impolite attitude or behavior. It is also known as deviant behavior with the negative intention of harming others. Hershcovis (2011) claims that incivility is mostly common in workplaces and happens almost every day. Lack of respect, vandalism, hooliganism and rudeness to elders are all forms of incivility according to Felblinger (2008). Some scholars suggest that it is important to discuss the uncivil behavior with the perpetrators before reporting them to the necessary authority when they persist. In addition, clarified ethical model can be used to solve moral distress caused by in civility. An individual determines what must be done (Sorbieraj & Berry, 2011). He then formulates full range of alternatives and eliminates illegal options. He may also develop three ethical justifiable options and choose one that involves ethical principal and value.

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According to Anderson (1999), incivility in work places is much broader because it includes the things we do in work place that we are not suppose to do. In this case, study it is my moral obligation to report illegal use of the drugs if certain keeping quiet makes me an individual accomplice of crime (Pearson, Anderson & Porath, 2005). The role of the employee to the institution in that case is to protect the institution property. Such case should be reported to the institution organization, which is mandated to take appropriate actions (Namie, 2003). The risk of not reporting such behavior is the fact that we risk being branded as an accomplice hence, risk losing our license.

Tran cultural nursing focuses on the study of various cultures worldwide and comparative cultural caring, nursing phenomena and health (Leininger, 1990). Study of culture care theory is important to the course as it gives knowledge that helps in provision of culturally relevant care (Andrew & Boyles, 2002). Functioning in different and diverse clinical practice is significant as it assists in becoming sensitive in everything and being knowledgeable about diverse cultures. It enables identification of cultures that are misunderstood or neglected and help health care systems asses how to serve the diverse cultures in the community (Leininger & McFarland, 2002). It promotes continuing development of trans-cultural skills and cultural awareness. The changing demographics continue to fuel the need of trans-cultural nursing.


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