Personal Essay Example: Persistence Brings Success

Published: 2019-08-30
Personal Essay Example: Persistence Brings Success
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Success comes only to those who believe that failure is not the fruit of their struggle. It does not come the easy way, but only those who persist and maintain good habits enjoy the sweet fruits of success. Success comes after many struggles and countless defeats. It is a price for only the strong. I believe persistent brings success, in everything, from the basic activities to our big dreams and lifetime ambitions.

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I can vividly remember how my uncle has had to go through suffering, obstacles, life frustrations, and pain before he has reached the far he is today. My uncle was our neighbor, and he lived 2 miles away from our home. With three children and a wife to take care of, it was unbearably tough for him to raise the family and maintain them at a middle-class lifestyle since he had been laid off and his wife (my aunt) was jobless. There was a time situations would become severe to an extent that my mom and dad were the ones taking care of my cousins while my uncle and aunt were looking for jobs.

Two years passed with none of them getting a job. They had to find other means of surviving and a way to raise the three kids. My uncle was forever busy trying to do something no matter how little it was just to eke something that would feed his family for just a day. It reached a time when he could not send any more applications to companies because even after sending endless applications, there was always one factor that would make him fail during the interview. He gave up looking for jobs in companies but never gave up pursuing success. I remember one evening when he came home and borrowed my dad $1000 to start a small grocery shop that would feed him, his wife and the three children even if it would not give them the best lives that they deserved. He promised to refund the money, but he was not specific when he would do so.

Days passed counting to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years and three years down the line, my uncle was still running a small grocery shop. He really endured, and I believe he did so because that was the only option that he had. He took every struggle as his partner in arms and every failure helped him to get a solution for his tomorrows problem. He was disciplined enough to save some money to expand his grocery shop. My aunt also joined him, and they would spend the whole day in their grocery shop.

Now it is seven year since they started their grocery shop. Success has already knocked their door as their grocery shop is currently the largest in the town. They have also managed to employ sixteen workers who help them run their big grocery business. My uncle is my hero. I admire his courage to face life challenges, and it gives me the best life lesson. We never know how far success is from us, and maybe only the next step that we take can lead us to our success. Although we fail quite often, success is somewhere along our way. It is only through unceasing struggle and persistent that we can get success.

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