Gender Socialization Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-16
Gender Socialization Essay Sample
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How is gender socially constructed essay

When a woman feels that she equally needs a wife, it is time to raise eyebrows. In the year 1972, Judy Brady wrote her famous article "Why I want a Wife " which depicts the expectations of the society regarding men and women. The last quarter of the 20th century marked a period of drastic changes in all areas of life. Gender roles were not an exception. This essay outlines the changes in gender roles during the last 50 years with a keen eye on bread-winning decision-making and leadership. I most cultures across the world the social norm since prehistory was that the man provides for his family while the woman "builds" her house. Consequently some felt that the man was more important than the woman in the family which was the basis of patriarchy in several societies. Such a viewpoint slowly melted away as the environment posed various challenges that constrained some women to be breadwinners. For instance Los Angeles police department hired Alice Stebbins Wells in 1910 to be the first female police officer in the United States. Around 1960's women had assumed several roles predominantly thought to be of men. Such cases catalyzed the changes we perceive today where women can seek formal employment to boost income in their families. Notably some decide men and women to stay single since they believe that they can perform all roles alone irrespective of their gender. Decision-making in social settings has significantly revolutionized. 50 years ago Husbands made most of the decisions while women followed. Whether to move to a new home get a child or buy a factory- it was the man to decide. Wives were submissive and could make decisions regarding housekeeping such as when to cane a child. As women took over some roles previously held by men power imbalance gradually declined to the current state. Today women make decisions just as men do. In a marriage any party can make any decision so long as they agree. Both males and females can find what is best for them and take action which has had not only benefits but also several missed targets such as heightened domestic wrangles. Last on this list is leadership. The society regarded men as heads who could not be overtaken by the neck (women). As a result Men held most of the leadership positions. Women could only lead fellow women. In extreme cases the disparity was so evident that men regulated women affairs. The contemporary society however recognizes the leadership qualities held by women. This consideration has enabled women to head social structures and institutions with minimal opposition. In most countries about a third of all leadership positions are left for women illustrating the uncensored transformation. Having women in leadership has unleashed their potential to build the nation though research has established that most women leaders are unmarried. To sum up gender roles have significantly changed over the last 50 years. The most affected areas include providing for the family the power to make decisions and leadership. While the changes have led to outstanding merits it is imperative to identify the associated challenges and find ways to strike a balance so as to maintain social order.

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