Cyberattack Event Analysis Report - Paper Example

Published: 2022-12-26
Cyberattack Event Analysis Report - Paper Example
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In a businesswise perspective, databases and information systems, are the foundations of the organization and thus require maximum protection and security. As much as databases and information systems were introduced to improve the security of data alongside other advantages, today, organizations are at very high risk of cybersecurity and information hacking thus data security has become more vulnerable (Zhang, pg20). Researches have revealed that among the most business risks today are cybersecurity, cyber-attacks and data breach which results from digitizing data and its storage mechanism. Most organizations are very first to digitize their data and change their data and information storage technique and forget to put the correct measures that will deter unauthorized access. Such actions make them very vulnerable to data insecurity which can lead to various negative impacts on the organization or company. This study looks at the recent cyber attack at Facebook which left the giant economy driving company in scandals.

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Last year, 2018, one of the social platform giants, Facebook found itself on hot soup when it was accused of bridging the law of data security on its users. Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal was a data security scandal where it was revealed that a third-party organization; Cambridge Analytica had gained unauthorized access to personal data of millions of users of Facebook profiles without their knowledge or consent for political manipulation and popularity (Zhang, pg28). The scandal leads to a significant loss for the company as it faced the law, as well as its popularity among another social platform, went down. It was reported that the stock prices of the company massively went down, and tighter regulations were imposed on the company on how to enhance data security of its users.

Cyber-attacks resulting from cybersecurity, therefore, is currently a big issue facing all business organizations, including the big and established organizations like Google and Facebook which have massive data (big data) and huge databases containing information of millions of people. All over the magazines, social media and even in the television news, it is evident that today, organizations are facing issues to do with data breaching and security.

There have been several measures in trying to solve such data security issues that are currently a massive international problem facing nearly all countries and organizations. Research and inventions are being done in the field of technology where the technicians are coming with the use of security tools like firewalls that prevent eavesdropping into a system connected in a network. Firewalls prevent unauthorized data access in a networked information system thus improving data security. It has also been revealed that one of the enemies of data security is the workers from within who have access to the databases and information systems of an organization for example (Curran, pg33). There are cases where these particular people become the loopholes to insecurity by selling out the passwords and access to this information. Such can be solved by limiting the number of access and through education where the employees are taught about integrity and loyalty.

From the above scenarios and instances provided above, it is very evident that most organizations and governments have adopted the use of digital information management systems to manage and store their information digitally in various forms of databases. Sensitive kinds of data are stored in these locations; thus, they require maximum security. It is, however, evident that data security is currently an issue even in big organizations like Facebook which should have maximum security measures (Wang et al., pg 67).

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