Essay Sample on Developing of the Quick App Marketing App

Published: 2022-10-21
Essay Sample on Developing of the Quick App Marketing App
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Description of the Quick App Marketing app

The quick app is a crowdsourcing app that provides tourists with the latest tips, review, and recommendations from other tourists. For instance, the app will inform the tourists of the best stall to buy goods when visiting a particular country and the best places to get their laundry done. For Quickapp to be successful, it will rely upon giving the end user important and trustworthy information. Additionally, the success of the app will greatly rely on the participation of the users since it the users who will be sharing their experiences and their reviews during the tour. An example of the unique feature that the app possesses is that it allows travelers to upload videos of the places they have eaten and stayed.

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Key details of the entire project

Quick App will be built on trust and culture. The people using the App will able to have faith the information provided by the app. It is having faith in the app that will prompt the user to place their reviews and also bring about optimistic feelings towards the App. According to Surowieki (2004), groups are extraordinarily smart under right circumstances. Therefore, Quick App will enhance the travel experience of tourist by applying group intelligence.

Skills I Have

Introduction to Computer systems: That includes understanding complete, basic and a functional computer, and the software and hardware needed to make it purposeful to the user. Additionally have the knowledge of the data input, data storage data processing and data output (Surowieki15-16).

Introduction to computational thinking: For example knowledge in the algorithm, data representation, decomposition, abstraction, pattern recognition. Decomposition is breaking down the difficult system into more manageable parts. Pattern recognition is the identification of within problems. Abstraction is ignoring inappropriate details and putting more focus on the vital ones.

Programming basics. Programming languages for instance data types, basic syntax, basic operators and programming environment.

Skills I Need

According to Pressman, "the first and the foremost phase of App development life circle that deals with functional and nonfunctional aspects of the application are the requirements phase (44-45). The skills needed are Skills on Mobile user interface design - Building a high-quality user interface is the most essential feature of an app development. The user interface is significant as it provides a link between the software and the user. Modern programming skills for instance, frequently used programming languages like Java and C++, knowledge in CSS and HTML as web development languages.

Familiarization with mobile platform application, for example, windows mobile, Android and Apple iOS is a requirement. Business competence: Just like the other components, the marketing and business side of an App development should be critically taken since it is compulsory for an application to be noticeable amongst the rest. Therefore, competency in business and know how is important to win over the competition. In as much as other people may overlook this factor, having skills in business plays an important role in this area. Achieving this can not only be accomplished when an application is praised by users

A skill I will recruit

For any app development team to be successful, the skills to be recruited are Data expertise, Cloud infrastructure, and modern coding languages. These skills will be hired on contracts. For this project, I will outsource software programming projects to experts on short-term contracts from a pool of millions of freelancers online.

Works cited

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