Violence in the Workplace: Annotated Bibliography Example

Published: 2022-10-20
Violence in the Workplace: Annotated Bibliography Example
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As of present times, violent has become more prevalent such that it can be anywhere and at any given time including the workplace. The workplace serves as a place of refuge for most people who serve in shifts of 8 to 12 hours, and this implies that safety from violence is fundamental. However, several factors result in violence in the workplace. This paper presents some of the related articles that present solutions to some of the issues that arise in violence in the workplace.

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Annotated Bibliography

De Jonge, A. (2018). Corporate Social Responsibility Through a Feminist Lens: Domestic Violence and the Workplace in the 21st Century. Journal of Business Ethics, 148(3), 471-487.

Generally, the issue of domestic violence is a serious concern, and the causes of business failure can be related to the failure to address the influence of domestic violence in the workplace. This paper is relevant in the discussion of violence in the workplace because it argues out some of the feminist approaches that provide some the most significant structure for ethical reasoning regarding the issues of domestic violence within business administrations. The practical value of such thinking is further demonstrated to scrutinize how repetitive domestic violence-related ingenuities can be integrated as monotonous practices in organizational processes. Therefore, in a nutshell, this article presents an organized qualitative study of principle and method for dealing with the influences of internal violence in the workstation.

Pandey, M., Bhandari, T. R., & Dangal, G. (2018). Workplace violence and its associated factors among nurses. Journal of Nepal Health Research Council, 15(3), 235-241.

According to this article, workplace violence, especially among nurses, is very rampant worldwide. Therefore, this article presents a research study that will equip individuals in the nursing profession with awareness of the risk factors of violence in the workplace and the possible ways in which they can prevent workplace violence. This study provides a case study of workplace violence amongst healthcare professionals in Pokhara, Nepal because workplace violence among nurses has become a significant problem in Pokhara,Robinson, I. (2018). Prevention of Workplace Violence Among Health Care Workers. Workplace Health & Safety, 2165079918810669.

Violence in the workplace is prevalent in healthcare settings. Therefore, there is a need to conduct training for employees in the health sector regarding the prevention of violence. This article is relevant in the discussion on violence in the workplace because it presents a typical situation of the workplace which is the health care settings and also presents an in-depth analysis of some of the potential causes of violence in the healthcare setting. Additionally, this article presents the probable measures that can be observed towards the prevention of violence among health care workers.

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