Friendship Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-04
Friendship Essay Samples
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How I met my best friend

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and I decided to take a stroll to the park to stretch my legs. I was so tired after a whole morning of playing video games in my living room. On this particular day, the park seemed to be a bit deserted. Just a few kids playing with their kites and a lone dancer entertaining a young couple who seemed less interested in his acts. It is at that time I saw her! Sitting under a short well-trimmed bush was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her long golden hair was hanging down her neck, and it kept getting in the way of her golden glasses. She was holding a small book, and it seemed she was buried to the neck in the contents of the book. I walked towards her and gently leaned forward to have a closer look at what she reading. A little startled she looked up and saw me smiling down on her extending my hand for a greeting. As if not able to clearly see my face because of the glaring sunlight, she tilted her spectacles slightly down her nose and said “hi...”

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Friendship Goals

It was one of those days that you feel the whole universe is against you somehow. I had woken up late and missed the bus, which meant I would get late for the final exam. Well, I did get late, but that is beside the point. After the exam, I was feeling so forlorn, and the fact that it was raining was not helping either. A few hours later, I was seated in a restaurant crying my eyes out. I had just been robbed and my phone, purse and laptop were lost. I was at my lowest point. I was trying not to attract attention to myself by looking out the window where no one really cared. This lady - barely a year older than myself - passes by, catches a glimpse of my teary eyes, turns around and walks into the restaurant. All the while I was saying a silent prayer that she does not walk up to me. Well, she did anyway. Without saying a word, she handed me a paper towel, sat down and said, “I will still be here when you are ready to talk.” It is now five years later, and I do not know what drove her to do what she did. It does not matter anyway, because after knowing her, I have a pretty good idea.

My classmate essay

My life may not be too long. One may not say it is too short either. Throughout the time that I have lived, I had many memories. Some are best described as happy and enjoyable much as I also have distressful memories. Importantly though, many of the memories have been an important lesson to me. In any case, events leading to any memories must be significant in one’s life. An event would never be remembered unless it caused a significant impact in one’s life. Lessons learnt from memorable events often stick in the mind. Today, I have one of the best memories during one of the days in elementary school.

I was only ten years attending elementary school in the United States. Throughout my life, I have always found breaks important especially if there is a snack or some meal. This made the lunch break one of my favorite breaks during my year in the elementary level. In addition, my granny was prepared a delicious sandwich and I would always look ahead at having it. Occasionally, we sat together in a group of friends and shared our food. We would then play games such as tether-ball and capture the flag, which made the lunch break more interesting. Moments spent eating and playing with these friends formed the foundation for our strong friendship today. In a period of three years, we formed a strong cycle of genuine friends. I never realized that childhood friends would last that long until lately when I recalled the things we did together. We continued to have lunch. We would still play games during and after lunch, which seems to have strengthened the bond further. Many people believe that dinning together helps to establish a close and tight bond between members. From a personal experience, this happened and helped me in making lifetime friends from childhood. Teachers knew my circle of friends. They encouraged extend the same friendship in studies. We would discuss and work on assignments together, which helped to improve our performance. In this group was John, a talkative kid, who was always making us laugh almost all the time. I would always hush him when he went too far. He would always make this annoying face whenever I did it. I would always make a joke out of his funny face to calm him down. We grew fond of each other and even started visiting each other at our homes. This friendship was pronounced and parents knew about, and encouraged it. The bond grew stronger and we even went for holidays together. Until now, even though we have families of our own, we still chat and have family meetings and holidays together.

How I met my best friend essay

It happened about 17 years ago. I was in the 2nd grade, and I happened to spend a lot of time in class talking to the guy who sat next to me. Obviously, the teachers were not pleased. One day, out of frustration, the teacher-in-charge of the class requested me to switch places with one of the students in the front row, next to a quiet and polite little kid. Immediately when I sat next to the kid, the very first thing I noticed was how beautiful and clean his handwriting was. To this day, I think he has the best handwriting I have seen. From then we spent some few years sitting close to one another at school until we switched streams to go to different colleges and then to various universities. But throughout all the years, we have spent hours and hours talking about seemingly irrelevant topics, none of which has been about a person, never have we gossiped. We solved crosses, cycled back from school together, spent every some holidays at each other's place playing chase, Play Station games soccer and even football. There is no limit to how much I have learned from him. We have had many friends who have come and gone. Some stuck by our side. This one just happens to stick with me. I still find him attractive. Up to date, we still share the same enthusiasm always solving crosswords like young school boys, and discussing the answers online. He even calls me up in the middle of the night just to explain why Jupiter has the highest amount of helium in the atmosphere, of all planets. I don't see why that should change. Interestingly, his name means love and happiness.

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