Essay Sample for Everyone: Ethical and Legal Challenges of Being a Manager

Published: 2022-03-23
Essay Sample for Everyone: Ethical and Legal Challenges of Being a Manager
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Working in a film organization that was full of diverse employees three years ago was not that easy. Jae Film Association was known for its production of famous and exciting films. However, there were internal challenges occurring in the firm that reduced its performance. Due to the diversity of employees, there were a lot of misunderstandings, lack of cooperation, language barrier and lack of employee morale. People had grouped themselves according to their race and color. Workers could not associate with each other due to their disparity in attitudes, beliefs, and opinions. For that reason, there was a lot of commotion and chaos in the organization. What is more, the manager was too harsh. He only cared about timeliness and seeing work getting done. He did not care about the welfare of the employees, and he never gained interest in solving internal problems within the firm. This led to many employees quitting their jobs, even the most competent ones, and the firm continued to reduce sales and lowered its performance, as there was not quality performance. Whenever employees are not happy and comfortable, they will not offer their best performance.

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In other words, the manager was not a contributing team member (Collins, J. (2006). He never participated in team buildings or holding meetings that would help bring the team together. What is more, he only favored the whites, regarding giving them significant roles for a TV series and the blacks were among the minor characters. When it came to payments, he paid the whites more wages than the blacks, which according to (Banaji, Bazerman, & Chugh, 2004) is very unethical. The manager also never wanted to hear about our opinions whenever we could offer a solution to these challenges. He had too much pride.

According to (Epstein, Buhovac, & Yuthas, 2010), the role of a leader is to ensure that all the team members are comfortable with the working environment. If I were the manager, I would offer an environment culture that encourages and supports the employees to share their knowledge and collaborate with each other (Magazine, 2009). This brings people together, and when these diverse ideas are combined, they can result in better decision making. I would also come up with better goals and objectives for Jae Film Association. Purposes such as joining international markets and having a competition with big global firms (Posner,2010). Also, making sure that the organizational culture is friendly and fair, employees would have the morale to perform as they are well motivated, which thus provides a competitive advantage (Bagley, 2008). Finally, I was the manager I would reduce my pride, as pride proves incompetency and prevents change (Duska, (2004). Pride is the enemy of success and very disreputable.


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