Reflective Personal Development and Plan - Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-16
Reflective Personal Development and Plan - Essay Example
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Time management is a core skill that I need to develop. Time management is at the center of the success of any goal in life. This is a skill that requires devotion and keenness. All different types of time management are crucial to the way that a person relates to time. This skill requires that a person understand any problems that arise and plan accordingly to match available resources to completion of tasks at any point. Time management is essential not only for self-improvement but also for improving motivation for working for specific goals. For instance, when one can gather enough time to work for something in his or her course, the more he or she is comfortable working towards its completion. I have selected time management as a core skill since it plays a significant role in ensuring all other skills that I possess are allocated enough resource for their completion (Foster, G 2001, 16). Time management also helps by making sure enough space is allocated to resting. By having enough time to relax, the basis for which other skills work from is fresh and ready to integrate my abilities into my day to day work. Using the Gibbs model of reflection, I have learned that time management is an aspect in my day to day life that I frequently use. This model has helped to weigh my thinking capacity regarding my ability to learn. In this manner, I have understood the requirements that come with each task and determined how to allocate time within the scope of my available resources in a day.

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My current time management skills are not finessed to their full capabilities. From time to time, I have been caught in a situation where I do not have enough complete time tasks. Based on the comments from my colleagues and my self-assessment, I think that I still have a lot to work on regarding time management (Foster, G 2001, 81). One of the ways that I am dealing with this issue is trying to change my attitude towards specific tasks. I have seen that different functions have different roles regarding the idea that my day is going to turn out. With research and motivation from various sources, I am always trying to improve my time management skills to be able to create a fitting schedule in educational and social life. According to views from other people, my time management skills are not as good as any other of my abilities. Most of the people that I associate with on a daily basis have suggested that if I set my goals and objectives rights together with excellent time management skills, I will be at a better position in my education and general growth in other fields. Time management skill will be vital for me in the future regarding managing my days' activities. Being able to control my day to day activities within the available time will always be a goal of mine in life.

Assertiveness is also a skill that is crucial to develop in my coursework. Assertiveness is a skill that would build my confidence in life. To have faith means that I will be ready to work without a doubt on tasks and therefore complete them with little or no supervision. Moreover, assertiveness is somewhat a mode of communication in view. For instance, when I become assertive, I will gain an understanding of the roles that other people play in my life hence be able to make efforts to improve the way that I relate to situations. At the same time, assertiveness would increase my understanding of the environment and therefore work to handle situations in a manner that would yield the best results (Foster, G 2001, 98). Assertiveness also plays a role in my conflict resolution abilities. By being able to ascertain the meaning of certain emotions I will develop a better understand the feelings of other people towards some situations in my day to day activities. I have selected assertiveness as a core skill to reflect on since it is a good way in which I can state opinions and claims and at the same time establish authority on what I react to in life. In this manner, assertiveness is a skill that would help me gain respect not from others but myself. By being able to state my opinions on certain things, assertiveness will help me address problems with a mindset that would guarantee me the best outcomes. My assertiveness will affirm the meaning of specific reactions of people and hence help me develop control over what I say or do.

From my assessment, I have learned that I still have much to do regarding developing assertiveness. Based on criticism from my peers, I have learned that my ability to use assertiveness to come up with reasonable solutions to problems is still low. From time to time, my peers have told me that I need to have more confidence when handling something in my coursework on a general day to day activities. I feel that to develop better assertiveness I need to be ready to approach situations from a positive perspective and be able to give my opinions based on my personal feelings regardless of how bad or good my emotions will be at that time. In my view, I think that I am assertive enough to put across my opinions boldly. Taking into consideration that my assertiveness has been questioned more than once, the contradicting nature of the situations questions my confidence in myself. In the future, by developing better assertiveness, I will be able to understand the quality of the case in life and work to improve the way that others perceive my understanding of something. In general, assertiveness will be a good way in which I will enhance my boldness regarding understanding my environment and reacting to situations in a manner that will best benefit me and my surrounding.

Developing resilience as a core skill is a goal that I consider essential to me. From time to time, I have been faced with many difficulties in life. These challenges originate from different sources depending on the environment in which I interact. Resilience is vital since it enables me to work with varying environments so as handle any difficulties that may arise. Being able to handle the challenges in life ensures that I do not give up at any point. At the same time, I need to understand when it is necessary to give up. Resilience plays a critical role in the way that I handle challenges in a setting. According to Kolb's Learning Styles and Experiential Learning Cycle, I have learned that my reactions to situations vary from the effects of the circumstances to my emotions (Tan, K. 2012, 146). Based on the Experiential Learning Cycle theory, my experience is linked to the reflective observation that in turn conceptualize a problem. After this stage, my perception of specific challenges is tested on my ability to take care of what is required of me. Most times, I am torn on the worthiness of certain tasks in a situation. Resilience helps me test my abilities to the requirements of the problem and in turn understand how much better I can make a bad situation.

Regarding feedback from people around me, I am confident that I have good enough resilience. From time to time, I have been praised for my ability to remain hopeful and work to complete tasks which were filled with challenges. I feel that my idea of resilience is one that can generate very good resilience I put more effort into developing the skill. Moreover, in many times my view of challenges has influenced the people around me. With this kind of motivation, I have had better connections with my peers and tutor. By developing healthier relationships, I feel that I have made the most out of the worst situations. From the self-analysis of my resilience, my view conforms to that of my peers (Tan, K. 2012, 189). I have always taken great interest in making sure I complete tasks and work through problems regardless of the effect that it would have on my environment. With this skill, I have been able to relate better to how people act with emotion and develop other powers in the same field. For instance, I have influenced my peers in their resilience as well. Working in an environment that is ready to work for better results irrespective of the problems has ensured that my success in various tasks has improved. In future, resilience will be a useful skill with which I will use to ensure that my life goes to a direction that I require. Also, resistance will develop my abilities in conflict resolution and hence improve interactions between me and my environment. Having such a connection is essential to the way that I handle my coursework and therefore will ensure that I stay in line regarding education and social activities.

Researching and information finding is also a core attitude that I possess. This skill is important both to my education and social life. Being able to find information regarding some certain aspect is important to the way that I understand events and interactions. By understanding all aspects of an event, I am guaranteed to make relevant decisions and take a course of action that will manage to meet its requirement (Tan, K. 2012, 102). Information forms a basis for which I can make deductions that are reliable not only to me but my environment. In this case, my environment ranges from my peers, my tutor and anyone who I interact with on a daily basis. Making sense out of situations that may be jumbled up is important to my coursework. For instance, getting to know the correct answers to questions requires that I get relevant information that makes the comprehension of the question easier. Being able to give correct answers based on my research findings have greatly built my confidence. This means that this skill compliments all other skills that I possess.

Kolb's learning theory is a theory that can well describe this skill for me. When I need to understand I topic, I need to get a concrete feeling of need to complete such a task. According to this theory, I will then need to watch and think about the topic (Tan, K. 2012, 96). This step requires that I research the topic at hand. By doing research, I will be able to make significant deductions from the collected data and therefore make conclusions that would render my answer or reaction to something as good as possible. My abstract conceptualization of findings helps my thoughts converge onto areas that I feel that I am unable to work with. Identification of areas of lack of information is what motivates my need to research and find information.

My competence in research and information finding skills is something I consider reliable. I have always made efforts to research about something before I make conclusions about it. This means that most if not all the answers I give are based on a secure information basis that is intended to develop the most relevant responses according to my view (Robin, S. 2009, 103). My identification of the requirements of questions in various day to day activities is based on my critical review of the problem. My colleagues often praise my ability to find to find information that they could not get. However, I know that there is room for improvement for skill. I can get better research skills by engaging in more research-based problems both in class and outside any educational fields. In the future, I hope to integrate this skill into my general workplace relations and task completion processes. With this skill, I will be sure to make critical decisions that would enable me to get valid results that will then boost my work ethic. Moreover, information finding will allow me opportunities to interact with different fields hence create a relationship between everything that I do.

My review of my competency in various skills and abilities has helped me identify my strengths and weakness. One of my strengths lies in my ability to review situations and come up with viable solutions to them. Based on my assessment of my core sk...

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