Movie Review Essay Example on How the Beatles Changed the World

Published: 2022-10-21
Movie Review Essay Example on How the Beatles Changed the World
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The film "How the Beatles Changed the World" is a 2017 documentary released by Netflix and talks about the legendary rock band "The Beatles." The film tells a captivating story of how the formation of "The Beatles" ignited musical, spiritual, social and Cultural Revolution. To showcase the impact that the band had, the documentary traces and highlights the lives of the four members of the group describing how they formed, the reception and the influence they had.

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The documentary first highlights the influence the band had on its native country that is Britain. The coming together of the group is explained and members who initially developed the idea. The documentary also follows how the film started in Britain and how they gained national recognition. The film shows that the band won a lot of popularity and support in Britain before the world knew about them. Moreover, the film follows their influence outside Britain and most importantly how the band transforms from young subversives to heroes of the countercultural phenomenon.

The documentary featured reveling and fresh interviews from collaborators and individuals close to the band. Moreover, rare footage that has never been open or accessible to the public was used to bring a better understanding of the film. Additionally, the documentary explains who the actions of the band and their influence changed the history of music and the popular culture in general.

The documentary is written and directed by Tom O'Dell while Elio Espana and Lise Romanoff are the co-producers. It features John Dunbar, Anthony DeCurtis, Robert Christgau, Tony Bramwell, Brian Epstein (the manager of The Beatles and the mastermind behind the group's success), George Harrison (a member of The Beatles who feature in archive footage), Ringo Starr (a member of The Beatles), Mark Paytress, Yoko Ono, Barry Miles, Barry Miles, Paul McCartney (a member of The Beatles) and John Lennon a member of The Beatles who feature in archive footage ("How The Beatles Changed The World (2017)").

Although the documentary "How the Beatles changed the world" is not perfect regarding cinematic vies, the story it tells is captivating for the views and most importantly for music lovers. The Beatles originated from Liverpool, England in 1960 and composed of four members that are Ringo Starr, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon. Since the group was formed, it continuously gained recognition not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States and the entire world. In the 1960s, the band became vital to the evolution of pop music into art and more importantly to the development if the countercultures phenomenon.

The band was famous as one of the interviewees in the documentary states "They were the most popular and the most experimental band in the world... That is rare." Moreover, the music group made an estimated sales of over 800 million albums both digital and physical making them the bestselling band ever in history, a title they still hold even today. The band did not only dominate and broke Britain records, but it also broke United States records when it comes to best-selling music artists. The group also received many awards both in Britain and across the world. That is why I believe this documentary did a fantastic job to at least highlight the amazing things The Beatles band did and more importantly how they impacted the world of music.

Moreover, the idea of the documentary to bring in rare archival footage and interviews was terrific. The current generation like myself might not understand why we have the kind of music listen to today. This documentary helps bring in a new perspective and understand how some of the music we listen to today was formed. The documentary uses rare archival footage and interviews with people close The Beatles that makes me wonder how the audience of 50 years and above feel since they might have witnessed the band while it was still performing. I believe there are moments in the documentary that viewers of over 50 might find themselves looking at their pulse since the film manages to bring fresh memories about the band and its influence. Some of the images also shown in the documentary reflects how life was back in the 1960s when The Beatles were taking over the world.

The movie has some memorable moments that help understand The Beatle better. When The Beatle traveled to the United States after much success in the United Kingdom, they never disappointed as the group gained more and more fans. However, there were critiques of their music as some thought their music was not up to the expected standard and one of them happened to be in an interview when they were asked if what they produced was music at all. They replied with a strong "Yes," and when asked if the yes had a question mark they responded saying it had an exclamation mark. This is one of the most memorable moment in the documentary as its highlight that the four band members had a strong personality and would not allow critiques to take them down.

Another important aspect of the documentary is how the group faced and overcame not only professional challenges but also personal problems. For instance, after 'Beatles for Sale' some group members such as George and Ringo were less motivated and felt like they have been confined in a suburban lifestyle. Also, there were times when George Harrison one of the group members got interested in the Eastern religion and Indian music centrally to the kind of music they were practicing.

Nevertheless, despite all these challenges, the band members supported each other and used their experience to revolutionize the music industry. The documentary helps the audience to understand the personal things and lifestyle the group underwent. Although the Beatles became prisoners of their success, they converted their frustrations into more victory going back to the studio and writing songs that joined millions of their listeners.

All in all, I have been a big fan of western music and also the culture of the west. This made me very interested in the Beatles, and even though they existed way before me I was born, I have read about them and particularly about their songs, history, and influence. I find it incredible that they still hold number one spot in the greatest ever list and this documentary has highlighted just why they still regain such influence even in the 21 century. The documentary "How the Beatles Changed the World" helped me to understand the phenomenon surrounding the greatness of "The Beatle" and more specifically how the band impacted culture and popular music in general. The group managed to change the way people listened to music and how more particularly how music was important in their lives.

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